Buying Pick and Mix Online with Home Delivery

One of the best parts of childhood for me living in the United States was running to the post office on a hot summer day with a quarter to get 25 pieces of penny candy. I felt rich and could not wait to get my brown paper lunch bag full home so I could devour it.


Making the decisions was the only anguish a small child experienced in those years (without dating myself). Still, the postmaster helped by giving samples to help hurry along making the selections.


In England, the bins were available at the cinema. Not only did the children get the treat of seeing a film, but they got to select from the Pick N Mix containers before the movies started, so they had snacks while they watched. The downside was all the crinkling while hands made their way in and out of brown bags. Learn details on the practice ending for the cinema at


A legend of its time in Britain was Woolworth’s stores. It was the epitome of nostalgia. A place you could indulge in your desire for sugar plus find the deal of the day. That is until January 2009, when nearly 800 of the legendary store’s doors closed for the final time ending an era for a national treasure and taking a little piece of childhood innocence with its Pick N Mix concept.


Buying Pick N Mix Online with Home Delivery Not the Same


With the world facing societal challenges, including a global pandemic, many treasures that we hold dear from as long ago as our childhood and beyond find themselves abandoned. In Britain, they see the closure of a legendary part of history in the Woolworth store, boasting the trendier side of the Pick N Mix era. It was also a resource for the Brits of incredible deals for which many were often in search.


One of the reasons for prepackaging the candy and putting it online for sale, deeming it pick and mix delivery is due to the Coronavirus. Regulations are still enforced in several states disallowing people to come in close contact, while some states are still on lockdown. That means no two people can place their hands in a shared bin of candy.


Some stores choose to offer options to their consumers where they can select among the classic candies or newer versions to create a jar or bag online and have it delivered to your door until the bins are open again.


It is genuinely not the same experience. There are a select few of the real-time bins coming back open again to test the response. We will have to wait and see how it progresses.

Popular Choices with The Pick N Mix Candies


Everyone has their go-to when they step up to the wall of bins at the Pick N Mix display. The one they either eat straight away or wait until they have finished all the others so they can savor the flavor. That does not mean you do not stray periodically to see if you might develop a new favorite.


Since going online, you do not get the opportunity to sample a piece or two to see if these are something worth going in your bag. That was always part of the fun of penny candy. Once delivered to your door, you are stuck with your choices until the next time you order. That means no experimenting away from what you know and love for fear of wasting a bag.


What you could do is add one new piece with each order. An excellent way to determine what that piece will be is from a list of what deems the most popular candies. Some of these include:


  • Juicy Strawberries: These are first among the most popular, but not due to their health qualities. The appeal is their juicy, sticky sweetness.
  • Mini Milk Chocolate Eggs: The eggs find favor, especially during Easter, but they are available throughout the year. You can either eat them straight from the bag or use them to incorporate into baking.
  • Jellybeans (Gourmet): The gourmet jellybean will offer varied flavors to your selection, not to mention the cool coloring on each. These are ideal for use at parties or gobble down as a primary component in your Pick N Mix container.
  • Fizzy Bubblegum Bottle: Sweet and sour bubblegum bottles in either baby pink or blue colors go well for a baby shower, or gender reveal party. These are a massive hit with the candy enthusiasts.
  • Chocolate Covered Raisins: Milk chocolate covers the tang of a raisin that gives you some chew. Most people are surprised when they bite into a raisin, expecting instead to get a nut or some other gooey goodness. It is an excellent combination.
  • Cola Bottle: The sweet cola bottle is a fan favorite, with people finding it an essential staple to the Pick N Mix selection process.
  • Pink/White Mice: The mice are a confectionery pleasure, with one generally being sweet enough for a single sitting with the white chocolate cream and the vanilla and strawberry; it’s rich goodness that will surely satisfy. If it is not one of your favorites already, you should surely give it at least a try.


Everyone wants to make sure to get the candies they enjoy the most each time they purchase because these pieces bring the most pleasure and happiness when indulging.


No one wants to take time away from a healthy diet regimen only to find the treat they indulge in is not good, so many people avoid experimenting outside the familiar – unless you are in the physical establishment. These owners often give you a free sample (or two.)


That might at some point happen online, where you can purchase a sample pack for a discounted price to go with your regular choices until Pick N Mix can go back to the way it means to be. Look here for ways to buy your favorites online. How it will progress from here is anyone’s guess. But everyone wants it to go back to the way it was – back in the day.