How Does Café Gratitude Leverage BlueCart?

How Does Café Gratitude Leverage BlueCart?How Does Café Gratitude Leverage BlueCart?Cafe Gratitude is a 100% organic and plant-based restaurant with five locations in California. Cafe Gratitude made a commitment to always ensure organic products, which means more suppliers oering quality goods. Some restaurant managers have between 10 to 50 dierent suppliers they order from. General managers were looking for a way to streamline and organize that ordering process.

How Does Café Gratitude Leverage BlueCart?That lead to the question “Is there a product that can handle the ins and outs of the ordering process?” The answer: BlueCart. “BlueCart allows me to manage everything with my ordering,” said Niels Tervoot, General Manager of Café Gratitude’s San Diego location. “Before BlueCart, ordering was a nightmare. The process was drawn out. I would have to call my supplier, go to my order spreadsheet, assign that order, document it, confirm the order was received and finally I would log that order into our system. With BlueCart, all that is taken care of.”

How Does Café Gratitude Leverage BlueCart?“At end of the month I can print out my orders and cross reference that with all the invoices
I have.”

“I can at a glance, anytime during the month, click a button and get a great representation
of what I am spending.”

“I can now keep track of who spent what, where and when. I no longer need to insert
anything into a spreadsheet or assign orders. BlueCart manages that for me.”