Cafetiere Coffee Brew Guide

From its Sussex base, Horsham Coffee Roaster is a speciality coffee provider that prides itself on its simple-yet-effective approach to luxe cuppas: the finest ethically sourced beans, each carefully roasted in a way that respects their uniqueness.

Starting out in the speciality scene back in 2012, Horsham has built its way up – learning all there is to know about unlocking the flavour potential within each great bean through a process of hard work and staunch dedication.

Whether it be during their early days selling beans from a stall at the Horsham food market, or shipping out parcels to lucky online customers spanning the world over, these speciality roasters have always kept things personal, creative and unique – in a way that only an indie can. If you’re a coffee boffin who’s always on the lookout for the newest taste sensation to hit the speciality scene, you’re in good company here. Keep an eye on the dedicated range of experimental process coffees that Horsham’s roasters continue to innovate with, as well as more unusual bean varieties that boast particularly intriguing tasting notes.

The roastery provides both full transparency in its entire process, as well as direct links that it has established with coffee farmers across the world. Horsham is committed to fair, ethical payment of these producers, while providing its consumers with a clear traceability of the coffee’s origins.

What’s more, Horsham is all about its charity work. This includes a partnership with One Tree Planted, which means that for every 1kg of Rwandan or Kenyan beans sold on the website, a tree gets planted. Partner this with their fully recyclable packaging, and you’ve got a bag of beans that both tastes and does good (win-win).

The family-style operation of the Horsham team translates into every element of their upbeat and charismatic brand. Throughout their growth from a 1kg in the garage to today’s global operation, this close-knit team has launched a booming online bean store and several scrummy cafes (including their flagship Brighton-based Bond Street Coffee), all the while firmly sticking to their ethos of showcasing the unique characteristics of each and every fabulous bean that comes their way. Below is infographic will show you how to get the best Cafetiere Coffee.