Carpigiani Introduces the Mister Art Plus

Carpigiani’s New Mister Art Plus Produces Gelato and Pastry Specialties


Carpigiani Introduces the Mister Art PlusCarpigiani, global leading innovator of frozen dessert equipment, is pleased to introduce the Mister Art Plus, two artisanal gelato production machines in one. Mister Art Plus can produce gelato, soft serve, sorbets, gelato pastry single-serving treats, gelato/ice cream/sorbet on a stick as well as numerous mousse and creams.

Mister Art Plus features two side-by-side pasteurization tanks, two motors and two independent freezing cylinders. The double production machine can produce two diverse mixtures separately and simultaneously, increasing production and ROI. Mister Art Plus offers an all-in-one recipe book with 58 recipes: thirty for gelato, cakes and sticks; eighteen for gelato pastry and ten for semifreddos, mousse and creams.

Mister Art Plus allows operators to easily manage gelato production and create elaborate, rich specialties like multi-layered gelato cakes, cannoli, tarts and more. The flexible, versatile, three-lever machine dispenses two single flavors of gelato, ice cream or sorbet and one mix of the two flavors. In addition to producing cakes, sorbets, ice cream and gelato, Mister Art Plus also features two dispensing pistols that quickly and easily produce gelato on a stick with different flavor and color centers. The software adjusts the cylinder temperature to produce crystal with different densities so one product slides on top of the other without mixing, keeping the gelato filling uniform and distinct. The two pistols also enable operators to produce multilayered gelato cakes with various colors and flavors.

“Carpigiani designs on a distinct set of principals continuously exercising our innovative competencies always within traditional artistry,” President of Carpigiani North America John Babila said. “Mister Art Plus is yet another example of innovative breakthrough technology offering unsurpassed versatility from a single unique machine, further increasing our advantage over the competition while supplying our customer¹s tremendous flexibility in menu creation.²

Mister Art Plus produces 485 75-gram portion gelatos per hour or 580 stick treats per hour. To learn more about Mister Art Plus by Carpigiani, visit Carpigiani’s website here:

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Carpigiani Corporation began in 1947 and has been serving the foodservice market for 67 years. Carpigiani is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most reliable and most durable frozen dessert equipment in the industry.  Carpigiani also hosts the Gelato World Tour, the world’s largest gelato competition, and Carpigiani Gelato University, providing unparalleled professional education on frozen desserts for gelato artisans. For more information, visit our website at