Cataluna Restaurant & Lounge, the latest culinary and nightlife destination in Jacksonville, is set to open publically on Friday, March 22, 2024. Located at 8206 Philips Highway in Baymeadows, the modern Mediterranean restaurant-lounge concept led by an award-winning team including Executive Chef Alex Azzam, Culinary Director Paul Aceto, and Beverage Director Johann Luque, promises to redefine the city’s dining experience with its unique blend of flavors, ambiance, and late-night entertainment. The interiors set the tone of an inviting yet sophisticated atmosphere of warmth and luxury with eye-catching design details of sleek gold hardware, stone, earthy wood elements, dramatic fringe chandeliers and floor to ceiling murals.


“Our vision was to create a space that perfectly blends the culinary richness of the Mediterranean with the dynamic energy of a vibrant lounge,” explains owner Lazer Pepaj. “Cataluna is more than a dining destination. Every dish tells a story, and every evening offers a fresh adventure.”


Cataluna draws inspiration from the vibrant cuisines of Italy, Spain, and Greece, with a nod to the exotic spices of northern Africa. The dinner menu, divided into Garden, Sea, and Land sections is designed for sharing and larger appetites alike. For those craving the bounty of the earth, the Garden features items like Bruschetta Cataluna with tomatoes, olives, zucchini and garlic; Arancini Mushrooms; Butternut Squash Ravioli; Flatbread, and a variety of salads and veggie based dishes. Oceanic delights include standouts like the Stuffed Branzino; Tuna Carpaccio with shaved fennel, black sesame and pomegranate ponzu dressing; Hamachi Crudo with a Kemuri Chili Vinaigrette and ginger cilantro oil; and Wild Salmon with Willed Sumac spinach, blistered shallots and beet puree. In the land offerings, flavors are richer and meats are meticulously prepared. Options include items like the Short Rib Ravioli; Lamb Chop Milanese; 14 oz Ribeye with lobster chimichurri, asparagus tempura and a Unagi glaze; and a 46 oz Tomahawk with onion creme, salsa verde and maldon salt. A dessert menu is also available for those who crave a sweet ending. Full menu can be viewed here.


Cataluna’s beverage menu is a testament to its commitment to providing a unique and high-quality drinking experience, blending the rich flavors of the Mediterranean with global selections. The Golden Hour menu offers a variety of meticulously crafted cocktails, such as the Caipirinha, Pisco Sour, Mezcarita, Old Fashioned, and Bees Knees. The Late-Night cocktail menu, includes sophisticated choices like the Espresso Martini, sherry and vermouth-infused Adonis, classic Margaritas and Negronis, and the Paper Plane, a refreshing combination of Aperol, Bourbon, amaro and zesty lemon juice. For spirits enthusiasts, Cataluna presents an extensive bottle service selection, from smooth vodkas to rich bourbons and aromatic gins. The wine list is particularly notable for its curated selection that pays homage to the vineyards of Italy, Spain, America, and France, offering guests a journey through some of the world’s most esteemed wine regions.


Roger Vizzolo, Managing Director of Cataluna, shares, “Cataluna is not just a about refining dining and nightlife in Jacksonville. Every detail, from the decor to the menu, has been meticulously curated to guarantee our guests a truly unforgettable evening.”


Cataluna’s lounge is designed to seamlessly transition guests from a magnificent dining experience to an electrifying late-night atmosphere. In an unprecedented move for Jacksonville, the lounge will feature live performances by some of the world’s top DJs, handpicked from renowned nightlife capitals such as Tulum and Ibiza. This elite lineup ensures that Cataluna offers a complete nightlife experience, allowing guests to indulge in Mediterranean elegance before diving into a vibrant party scene, all without leaving the premises. This unique blend of gourmet dining and high-energy entertainment is poised to set a new standard for evenings out in the city. Lounge reservations to launch soon.