Celebrate Negroni Week with Three New Cocktail Kit Collections from Merchants of Beverage

Celebrate Negroni Week with Three
New Cocktail Kit Collections from Merchants of Beverage

The Negroni is one of those classic cocktails whose ingredients have inspired bartenders across the world to create riffs that range from honoring to rivaling the original recipe. And what better way to pay homage to this delicious drink then with a week long celebration?

To honor this timeless cocktail and all of its variations, Merchants of Beverage, the expertly curated marketplace for distinctive wine, spirits, Champagne, cocktail kits & more, has put together three outstanding collections – Negroni: A Balancing Act, Negroni Classico and Negroni D’Oro —  to celebrate one of the world’s greatest classic cocktails while also raising money for charity during Negroni Week.

These curated cocktails were made in partnership with IMBIBE’s & Campari’s Negroni Week (June 1st – June 7th, 2015) where 5% of the profits from the Merchants of Beverage Negroni Kit Collections will go to the No Kid Hungry Campaign.

See below for the full description of each Negroni Kit Collection from MerchantsofBeverage.com and please let me know if you have interest in covering for any Negroni week (or general cocktail) coverage you may be working on. I have additional information and high-res images as well.
Negroni: A Balancing Act 

About: This exceptional collection arms imbibers with an arsenal of bottles enabling them to hit an inventive stride behind the bar while paying homage to the famed Italian cocktail. Some of Merchants of Beverage’s favorite recipes are included in this collection but the possibilities are nearly limitless, and this collection encourages folks to take creative liberties as far as the imagination will allow. The Negroni is a favorite for the Merchants of Beverage team, and it was with love and excitement that they curated this collection to celebrate it. Price: $500

In this kit: One bottle each of Aperol, Campari, Cappelletti, Bonal, Amaro Lucano, Carpano Antica Formula, Punt e Mes, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, Chartreuse (375 mL), Ransom gin, Sipsmith gin, Mezcal Vago Espadín, Rittenhouse rye, and Smith & Cross Jamaican rum.

View it online: http://goo.gl/LxGcFx

Celebrate Negroni Week with Three New Cocktail Kit Collections from Merchants of Beverage

Negroni Classico:

About: Before the Negroni, there was the Americano—Campari, sweet vermouth, and club soda. Evidently, this was not enough to quench the thirst of Count Camillo Negroni, who famously requested the aperitivo with gin instead of soda. Despite the unlikely marriage of its three ingredients, the Negroni remains to be one of the most mystifyingly delicious drinks on the menu. The freshness of the gin, the bittersweet Campari, and the spicy vermouth don’t fight for attention, instead they peacefully coexist within the provocatively colored drink. Drink in the history. Price: $100

In this kit: One 750ml bottle each of Sipsmith gin, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, and Campari.

View it online: http://goo.gl/V05HPICelebrate Negroni Week with Three New Cocktail Kit Collections from Merchants of Beverage

Negroni D’Oro

About: This refreshing take on the classic Negroni combines French herbal liqueur Suze with versatile Fords Gin and sweet, floral Vittone vermouth bianco.

The hue is glowing golden, a sultry tone that evokes the flavors within. Sweet, bitter and dry are in total harmony in this ideal aperitivo – just like the classic Negroni, it is an essay on balance. Beautiful flavors of dried herbs and white flowers are gentle on the palate, but it’s no sleeper – just one will have you ready to take on the night! Price: $100

In this kit: 1 bottle each of Suze, Fords Gin, and Vittone Vermouth Bianco.
View it online http://goo.gl/f6aSyF
Celebrate Negroni Week with Three New Cocktail Kit Collections from Merchants of Beverage
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