Celebrate World Sake Month with Margaritas -Taco Dumbo

Celebrate World Sake Month with Margaritas

~ Taco Dumbo @ The Pennsy ~

October 1st marked the start of a new sake brewing season, so raise a glass of “The Drink of the Gods” to World Sake Month! Instead of sake bombs, celebrate with a Sake Margarita courtesy of Taco Dumbo at The Pennsy Food Hall, located in the heart of NYC.  These unique, bespoke margaritas can be customized with your choice of liquor (which includes everything from tequila to mezcal, vodka and of course sake!), cold pressed juice, and rims that range from floral, to salty and sweet!   So, go ahead and create a unique flavor combination using fresh ingredients – kanpai! Celebrate World Sake Month with Margaritas -Taco Dumbo

The Pennsy

2 Penn Plaza (at 33rd Street)

Located in the heart and soul of Penn Plaza, The Pennsy Food Hall creates a social hub of food, entertainment and bar programming for local businesses, commuters, families, neighbors, tourists and fans at Madison Square Garden. Unlike other food halls, The Pennsy offers a new extensive bar concept with table service, the largest outdoor seating patio for a food hall in New York and curated live music, all as part of The Pennsy Beer Garden, a new addition with this evolution of the midtown food hall. Expanded food and beverage options answer the demand of the underserved Penn Plaza District. Food vendors have set up kiosk-style food booths with new menu concepts and exclusive offerings including: Pat LaFrieda, The Little Beet, Cinnamon Snail, Taco Dumbo, Ribalta, and Sabi Sushi, bringing quality and approachable options for lunch, dinner and tailgating.