Celebrating Women’s History Month with Two Chicks Cocktails

Jack Daniels, Don Julio and Captain Morgan give the liquor industry a masculine identity but one company is bringing a new perspective into the male-focused adult beverage category. Women founded, owned and run, Two Chicks Cocktails has much to celebrate this March in honor of Women’s History Month.

The premium spirit-based, ready-to-drink sparkling cocktails brand is a testament to how women are transforming the marketplace. Two Chicks Cocktails already has a retail presence in big name stores such as Walmart, BevMo and Total Wines & More, but rising to this success didn’t come without obstacles.

Founder Meghan Hanna and CEO Linda Cash explain that launching a female-focused cocktail brand in a male-dominated industry was a challenge to overcome. Not letting this obstacle deter them, they took an opportunistic approach; striving to become a unique product in the adult beverage sales space.

“Working to get males on board with a female-centric brand and understand our vision has been
exciting,” both said. “They not only loved our story and messaging, but our taste surpassed expectations for a canned cocktail.”

The brand was born out of a passion for encouraging women to embrace their individuality as they accept and own their differences. According to Hanna and Cash, Two Chicks Cocktails garner the qualities of empowerment, inclusivity and connection missing from this market.

In addition to offering a unique message, the brand crafts an authentic canned cocktail– not a malt beverage or a hard seltzer. The combination of real, premium spirits and natural essences of fruit and botanicals, creates our favorite classic cocktails with a twist that can be ordered at trendy bars and restaurants. Two Chicks brings happy hour home eliminating the need to play bartender by measuring and mixing, and the hassle of buying all of the ingredients necessary for one recipe.

“Our brand offers up the convenience of a can with the delicious taste of a true cocktail, all packaged with a great design,” Cash said. “Consumers have embraced ready-to-drink–we are in the right category at the right time.”

Their three flagship varieties include: Sparkling Citrus Margarita with tequila, lemon & lime, Sparkling Vodka Fizz with vodka, elderflower & pear and Sparkling Paloma with tequila and grapefruit. Recently expanding their product lineup, Two Chicks introduced three new cocktails: Sparkling Vodka Cutea with peach, cucumber tea, and thyme, Sparkling New Fashioned with whiskey, spicy ginger and orange, and Sparkling Apple Gimlet with gin, apple and cucumber.

Aside from three new flavors, the brand offers one other benefit Hanna and Cash see as an emerging trend, especially with millennial drinkers. All varieties are 5 percent alcohol by volume, providing more options for those seeking high proof alternatives.

With a strong retail presence and recent product expansion, Two Chicks Cocktails serves as a role model to other women-owned entrepreneurs during Women’s History Month. Hanna offers the following advice:

“Believe in your product and assemble a team who has your same passion, drive and commitment,” she said. “Also, be willing to pivot if opportunity presents itself and always be consumer focused.”

Both women also share that having the right attitude is everything, especially when pursuing new opportunities and taking risks. They explain that figuring out your difficulties as a business owner is a time to learn and develop new plans instead of placing focus on what’s holding you back.

Two Chicks Cocktails also encourages others to apply this attitude to their own business success. For Hanna and Cash, running their successful company goes beyond making money. Brand awareness, building and scaling the business and time management are all factors that have brought them this far on their journey.

“Success is when everyone knows your brand, wants your brand and loves your brand and your life is balanced between business, family, friends and yourself,” they said.