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Chef José Chesa Brings Authentic Spanish Xurros to Portland with Opening of 180

Chef José Chesa Brings Authentic Spanish Xurros to Portland with Opening of 180CHEF JOSÉ CHESA BRINGS AUTHENTIC SPANISH XURROS TO PORTLAND WITH OPENING OF 180

The favorite communal treat from the streets of Spain begins spreading happiness from Portland’s first dedicated xurreria on NE Broadway mid-December
PORTLAND, Ore. (Nov. 23, 2015) – Beginning mid-December, Portlanders can transport themselves to the streets of Spain and enjoy authentic Spanish xurros (chu ­rōs) at Portland’s first dedicated Xurreria, 180. Whether looking for a celebratory treat, a morning indulgence or a satisfying snack; fresh, made to order xurros from award winning chef, José Chesa, partner/chef David Martin and partner Cristina Baéz will bring happiness to any occasion. The small shop, located at 2218 NE Broadway, Portland, Ore., will feature large windows into the open kitchen allowing guests to watch as xurros are made to order in a xurros machine imported from Spain.
Chesa grew up sneaking pieces of piping hot xurros from his grandmother’s frying pan as he hid under the kitchen table. The crunchy, sweet fritters transport him to the warm family kitchen of his childhood in Spain. He, Baéz and Martin wish to share that experience with the rest of Portland.
“Spanish xurros are the ultimate, irresistible snack for any occasion throughout Spain. Xurro shops are notorious for opening by 5am, providing a spot for Spaniards to come together and enjoy breakfast early in the morning and late night snacks earned after a game or dinner,” says Chesa. “We hope to immerse our guests into this experience right here in Portland at 180; a communal place for everyone to enjoy, celebrate or just relax with a warm and indulgent snack.”
Chesa, Martin, and Baéz met while working at Restaurant Racó de Can Fabes, in Sant Celoni, Spain back in 2004 and became fast friends. “We knew then that we would always work together in some way or another. We all laugh about going from working together at a three star Michelin restaurant in Barcelona, to a Xurreria in Portland. We are all so passionate about xurros, the craftsmanship in making them, the memories they conjure up for us and how a really great xurreria can bring people together. What’s so surprising is how challenging it is to make this simple pastry perfect, given its iconic place in Spanish culture. It is actually the perfect collaboration for us to embark on together,” says Martin.
Fried at about 180° Celsius (hence the name), xurros are served piping hot, ready to be dipped in housemade hot, drinking chocolate, marshmallow cream, caramel/peanut butter sauce and/or enjoyed with a hot coffee. The menu will feature chocolate coated, sugar and cinnamon sprinkled and plain xurros. 180’s xurros also have the unexpected benefit of being vegan friendly. A variety of filled xurros will also be available including traditional crema catalana, dulce de leche, and the more Portland­-centric flavor, chocolate and Jacobsen’s salt. For more information and opening details visit

180 MENU

Made to order, traditional xurros are fried at about 180° celsius and come out with a scrumptious crunchy exterior and warm fluffy interior. 180’s xurros also have the unexpected benefit of being vegan friendly. Xurros are available plain or with a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon.
Xurros Bañados
Xurros Bañados are traditional xurros served with a delicious coating of xocolata and finished with Jacobsen’s salt.
Housemade Dipping Sauces
Xurros are made piping hot and ready to be dipped in a housemade sauce with Cocanú chocolate, the classic dip for xurros, but also a drinking chocolate! the best part! Other sauces include caramel/peanut butter and marshmallow cream.
Xurros will be available with a selection of different fillings including traditional crema catalana, dulce de leche, or the more Portland­centric flavor, housemade crema de xocolata.
Another traditional pastry from Catalonia; xuixos are a sweet cylindrical fritter that are available daily until “we sell out”, rolled in sugar and cinnamon and filled with crema catalana.
Xurros without rich drinking xocolata or dark roasted espresso is like Oreos without milk, the beverages are a necessity for the ultimate Spanish experience. The 180 team researched extensively for local purveyors that could supply the taste of Spain in Portland, Oregon. Chesa and Martin found the nostalgic taste of the flavors they had growing up in Portland with Cocanú chocolate for the essential drinking xocolata and Local Roasting Co. coffee beans for 180. Homemade almonds and hazelnut milks, such Spain’s classics as Cafe Bombón and Cortado. Coffee is also served with a variety of milk options to meet most dietary restrictions.
About 180
Although Americans may be familiar with the churro they get every year at the local county fair, it doesn’t compare to authentic xurros ( chu r­ō) from Spain. Founders José Chesa, Cristina Baéz, and David Martin are teaming up to open 180, Portland’s first xurreria, in order to share the traditional and beloved Spanish xurros. José and David were raised eating these scrumptious treats in Spain and are eager to transport those young and young at heart to the streets of their youth, where they can watch xurros made to order and fried at about 180 degrees celsius (hence the name) through large windows in the open kitchen space. The menu features plain, sugar & cinnamon, chocolate covered, or filled xurros, expertly paired with hot chocolate supplied by Cocanú and coffee from Local Roasting Company. Website:; Twitter/Instagram: @180pdx; email:
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