Chefs Jose Andreas & Albert Adria’s Grand Opening of Mercado Little Spain in NYC

Chefs Jose Andreas & Albert Adria’s Grand Opening of Mercado Little Spain in NYCThis episode begins with a bit of bad news. Rich & Matt recently auditioned for a nation-wide Dell computer commercial. They were in the running but at the last minute they were turned down because they were too straight! Cant make this up, folks.

From here, the Rogues move into a new wine label APP, Living Wine Labels. Interesting but gimmicky & the APP needs to have better “juice” behind it. Perhaps some craft spirits?

Main focus of this weeks podcast celebrates chefs Jose Andres & Albert Adria’s new Mercado, Little Spain. We arrived as guests of wine importer, writer and Spanish culinary expert, Gerry Dawes. Eater New York “The result is a 35,000-square-foot food hall with three full-service restaurants; tapas, wine, and cocktail bars; a coffee shop; nearly a dozen food stalls; and three shops selling flowers, dry goods, and souvenirs. Most products ranging from the cured Ibérico hams to the flour used to make churros will be directly imported from Spain, Lopez stresses. And they include ingredients from all corners of Spanish cuisine, not one region neglected.” This concept is absolutely amazing and definitely hits all the senses! A must visit in NYC.

We close with another trend building momentum in the US. Tinned seafood. Although this is popular in many countries, including Spain. It’s relatively new to the US. We visited three establishments highlighting “tins”. Began with a visit to Angelicas in Buffalo, NY Haley Henry wine bar, Boston. Mercado Little Spain is also on board with Tins. Jose Andres imports his own & sells a variety at the the market place.