Christmas: Food and Wine pairings

Christmas: Food and Wine pairingsChristmas is a fantastic time of the year, featuring joyous family members, a copious amounts of Christmas food and neat presents for everyone. It goes without saying that this is the perfect occasion to enjoy an incredible bottle of French wine, whose authentic taste and flavors will surely be thoroughly enjoyed by all of your relatives, family members and guests. Not every bottle of wine is created equal however which means that it is up to you to select the perfect bottle for this once-a-year opportunity. Thankfully, the French region of Bordeaux is home to several of the most exquisite wine appellations in the whole world, making it quite simple for you to find a truly exceptional product.

The best Bordeaux wines to have alongside your Christmas dinners

Christmas: Food and Wine pairingsWhen it comes to Christmas dinner, you can’t possibly go wrong by opting for a bottle of Pauillac wine from the French region of Bordeaux. Depending on your expectations and your budget, you may very well enjoy a fairly affordable bottle of Chateau La Fleur Peyrabon, a wine revealing its roots through its very complex aromas of grape, cherry and a hint of wood. Some of the more popular and fancier bottles include the highly regarded Chateau Pichon Baron, a second classified growth that masterfully blends Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in order to achieve an unbelievably intense explosion of tastes. Such an incredible wine would easily find itself becoming the centerpiece of any Christmas dinner and gracefully accompany all of your favorite dishes.

Pauillac red wines absolute excel at their role, enhancing the Christmas experience and bringing about new undiscovered flavors in your already delicious food. Their soft velvet texture is sure to soothe every one of your guests and family members’ minds, who will then effortlessly direct their undivided attention to the many delicacies a Christmas dinner inevitably comprises. Pauillac wines bring a truly unique experience to the table, which you will hopefully be able to enjoy this upcoming Christmas.

A great website for all your Bordeaux wine needs

The soft yet noticeable touch added by the presence of a fine Pauillac wine at Christmas dinner is like no other. Bordeaux wines are truly in a category of their own as the finest French wines ever produced. You might thus think such delicacies are a rare treat you couldn’t possibly get your hands on. Fortunately, this is not the case at all thanks to businesses such as Millesima.

Millesima is a family-owned business located in the region of Bordeaux, France. Thanks to their ideal geographical location, Millesima is able to provide you with many of the world’s finest wines which you will find among their huge selection of red wines, rose wines, white wines, and sparkling wines. When it comes to purchasing a bottle of wine from Millesima, you may choose the usual route of going through their official web store from which you will be able to place all your orders, or visit their physical store located in New York City.