Clorder, Inc. Unveils Innovative Cloud-Based Food Ordering Solution

Offering Empowers Restaurants to Manage Their Customers and Elevate Online Presence; Company’s Growth in Restaurant Space Surges

Clorder, Inc. Unveils Innovative Cloud-Based Food Ordering SolutionClorder, Inc. announced today the unveiling of its proprietary cloud-based food ordering solution and portfolio of technology-based services, designed to help restaurants enhance their online presence, become more efficient in their operations and increase sales.

By employing Clorder’s solutions, restaurants can now create and manage their own online brand identity while better reaching, engaging and retaining their customers and potential patrons. Clorder helps its restaurant clients to enhance their image, boost sales and ultimately, drive incremental revenue.

Clorder, derived from the words “cloud” and “order,” offers a range of custom-branded, scalable and secure online services and tools. These include, among others, a customized online food ordering system that is easy to use and quick to deploy. Clorder’s integrated platform features online reservations capabilities; mobile food ordering applications; touch tablet terminals placed in restaurants that directly integrate with Clorder’s technology and a restaurant’s Point of Sales (POS) system; and, built-in analytics and intelligence about customers, their purchasing patterns, online ordering history and demographics.

Clorder uses this intelligence to build and manage their clients’ Internet presence through its state-of-the-art end-to-end ordering solution. The Company creates specifically tailored online marketing programs and branding initiatives that promote customer loyalty such as incentive plans that encourage repeat business; mobile applications for ordering via Smartphones and through Facebook; and, social media marketing campaigns that spawn conversation, build reputation and improve image.

Clorder, Inc. Unveils Innovative Cloud-Based Food Ordering Solution“We are currently working closely with more than 150 restaurants to create the ‘face’ of their restaurant online by enhancing their web-based online ordering capabilities and social media presence. We are changing the way our restaurant clients do business, and the results are evidenced by their dramatic improvement in sales,” explained Satish Varma, Clorder co-founder.

“We founded our cloud solution after realizing that restaurants are not necessarily armed with the tools needed to grow their businesses via the web. We applied our cloud and branded services expertise to create the Clorder platform, which enables restaurants to better understand their customers and their preferences and then use this data to directly target these needs. Once the Clorder platform is deployed, our clients are quickly seeing accelerated growth in their revenue,” Varma said.

“Since we started working with Clorder, our take-out business grew 440 percent and our overall restaurant revenue increased approximately 300 percent in less than one year. They take the entire onus off us by creating and managing an online presence for our restaurant, which in turn, allows us to focus on serving our customers. This has made a significant difference in the success of the restaurant,” said Shahriar Matin, manager of Tandoori Brentwood, an Indian cuisine restaurant in Los Angeles.

“Through our relationship with Clorder, we have significantly enhanced our online presence, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in online orders. Clorder has helped to streamline our online reputation, allowing our customers to gain accurate and easy access to our restaurant, menu and offerings,” said Jose Ceja, operations manager for Stallion Capital, which owns Johnnie’s NY Pizza locations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

Clorder, Inc. Unveils Innovative Cloud-Based Food Ordering Solution“Right now, as an entrepreneurial startup tech enterprise, our focus is on helping restaurants increase their online presence. There is enormous opportunity in the restaurant space. With an increase in the number of people eating out and using their devices to order food, this is a real right place, right time opportunity for Clorder. In 2013 alone, nearly half of all restaurant orders placed overall in the U.S. were done so via a mobile device. With more and more people using their devices for nearly everything possible, an online presence is truly critical to the success of any business. We are making that very simple for restaurants,” Varma concluded.

According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant industry sales are projected to reach approximately $685 billion in 2014. The market for takeout orders from independent restaurants is currently estimated at $67 billion. This is demonstrative of the growth opportunity in the restaurant segment.

About Clorder
Los Angeles-based Clorder provides an innovative cloud-based online food ordering solution that helps restaurants enhance their web presence and promote their brand. Currently, more than 150 restaurants use Clorder’s custom-branded technology solutions to manage their own online identity and better reach, engage and retain their customers.

Through its online ordering system and a variety of marketing and loyalty programs, data and analytics, social media promotions, search engine optimization tools and other branding services, Clorder helps clients sustain and expand their customer base while driving incremental revenue.

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