Companies with Unusual Routes to Market

Our lenders have loaned tens of millions to businesses in the UK helping to build the UK economy.

You never know, however, where any of these businesses may end up in the next 50 years. It got us thinking; ‘how did some of the biggest names around start?’ In our research, we found some interesting routes to market of some of the biggest names around.

We recently published that may interest you and your readers at Food & Beverage Magazine. We were surprised to find that some of today’s biggest brands entered the market for very different purposes than those they are marketed for today.

This got us thinking, what would today’s products (and branding) look like in their original environment? Well, we have designed some unique posters to find out.

Below are some key points we discovered in our research:

  • Fanta was created during the World War II trade embargo in Germany as a substitute for Coca Cola (see below for example poster)
  • 7-Up was initially developed as a mood stabilizing drug, and lithium remained a key ingredient in the drink until the 1950s!
  • Coca Cola was created to cure morphine addiction, and also claimed to help those suffering from impotence
  • Samsung used to be a dried food exporter and even manufactured their own dried noodles
  • Coca-Cola was pr

Companies with Unusual Routes to Market


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