COVID-19 Management Advice for Restaurants

While COVID-19 has had some severe impacts on the restaurant and hospitality industry, many places have been allowed to remain open. However, this has led many businesses to review their current situations and put in place new policies and procedures to deal with the virus. In this article, we’ll provide some COVID-19 management advice for restaurants, so you can continue to operate safely and efficiently. Let’s get started.

Follow social distancing rules

While everybody, including your customers, should already be following social distancing rules, it can be worthwhile to find ways to enforce it throughout your establishment. For example, you can place marker points with tape on the floor to keep those in line apart and consider shifting around tables so that they are separated accordingly. It might not look as pretty but can make a huge difference.

Consider take-away only

In some cases, your business might not be designed in a way that can be altered. So, it might be worthwhile to consider take-away only service, until restrictions begin to ease. You can even devise a smaller menu, with items that are more take-away friendly. This way, you are still able to remain open but aren’t exposing your staff and customers to potential risks.

Find ways to minimize costs

Due to the recent changes, your establishment might be experiencing some financial losses. To help combat this, you should try and find ways to minimize costs as much as possible. This could include making a new menu with more seasonal produce or changing suppliers completely. It might be a lot of work, but it can stop you from chewing through your company savings.

Create a wash/sanitize station at the front door

An effective way to ensure the health and safety of everyone in your building is to create a wash/sanitize station near your front entrance. This can be extremely beneficial in reducing the risk of the virus, as studies have shown the impact handwashing has on illnesses. You can order supplies in bulk online, or even consider making your own sanitizer by following one of the many recipes.

Equip staff with PPE gear

Your staff play one of the most critical roles in your business, so to ensure their safety, it’s essential that you provide them with necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) gear. Gloves and masks have already shown great promise in reducing the virus spread. You might even consider getting a plexiglass sneeze guard installed near the payment area for added security. The safer and healthier your staff are, the easier your business will operate without any issues.

Create a QR code for electronic sign-in

In many places, it is now becoming required by law to keep track of your customers through some sort of sign-in area. This includes the customer writing down their name and number in case of a breakout at your facility. While some places are using a paper book, a QR code is a much safer method allowing individuals to sign-in on their own electronic devices. It’s not as hard as you may think and can make it much easier to manage an outbreak.

Hire extra staff to keep on top of cleaning

Keeping your establishment clean and tidy is now more important than ever, so if you can afford it, it can definitely be worthwhile to hire extra staff. This way, at least one person can be continually focusing on cleaning at all times. It also allows a bit more flexibility for your workers during this hard time, which can be a significant step in improving their overall wellbeing.

Share information via social media

While you may not be able to afford marketing and advertising like before the virus, it’s still important to keep up to date on social media to draw in more customers. You should make sure you inform them of your new menu, trading hours, and COVID-19 management policy. Information can make customers feel safer, thus more likely to visit your establishment.

On top of this, social media is one of the most affordable advertising methods and is a great way to minimize costs during this uncertain time.


By following the above, your company will be protecting itself in the best ways possible, so that you can continue trading and providing services to your local community. While the Coronavirus’s long-term effects are still unknown, the most we can do now is help control the issue by following our government laws and regulations.


Together we can help stop the spread.