Craft Alcohol Scene Propelled by South Florida Distillers and XXI Wine & Spirits

South Florida Distillers and XXI Wine & Spirits Propel the Craft Alcohol Scene in Florida

Small Batch Brands Find Success in the Alcohol Scene with the Support of Specialty Distributors

Craft Alcohol Scene Propelled by South Florida Distillers and XXI Wine & SpiritsLimited production brands, such as South Florida Distillers’ Fwaygo Rum, are becoming increasingly successful due to emerging distributors that focus on craft products. The symbiotic relationship between brands and these distributors allows for the craft brands to receive the attention they deserve, resulting in more distribution. Larger distributors often focus their attention on high budget, mass production brands, leaving a gap in the market for the success of limited production brands.

After two recent Gold Medal wins at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and the announcement of a new distillery, South Florida Distillers and Fwaygo Rum have now been signed to XXI Wine & Spirits and will be distributed throughout the state of Florida. Fwaygo Rum was previously only distributed in South Florida, but now will expand to larger distribution as their production can increase dramatically thanks to the 4,200 square foot distillery it will relocate to.Craft Alcohol Scene Propelled by South Florida Distillers and XXI Wine & Spirits

“We have gained a lot of traction in the limited production alcohol scene,” says Avi Aisenberg of South Florida Distillers. “It’s important to us to partner with the right companies that support local and honest brands. XXI is a company that will help us reach our goals and stay in line with our mission of promoting craft brands.”

XXI Wine & Spirits is an up-and-coming, Miami-based importer and distributor of fine wines and craft spirits that distributes to the majority of Florida. Their goal is to bring their clientele wines and spirits with unique character that represent the place they emanate from. XXI focuses on small batch alcohols and prides itself on always working with refined brands.Craft Alcohol Scene Propelled by South Florida Distillers and XXI Wine & Spirits

“XXI is excited to partner with South Florida Distillers and Fwaygo Rum,” says Adam Rutlege from XXI Wines and Spirits. “The trend in the alcohol industry is shifting towards craft spirits and we believe South Florida Distillers is at the forefront of this movement, especially in Florida.”

South Florida Distillers will release its new distribution venues in the coming weeks.

For more information about South Florida Distillers and Fwaygo Rum, please contact Melissa Sweredoski of Mad Studios at or 410.610.6321.


South Florida Distillers is Fort Lauderdale’s first distillery creating handcrafted rum from Florida-grown sugar cane. Owned by friends Avi Aisenberg and Joe Durkin, South Florida Distillers released their first product, FWAYGO in January of 2015. A true taste of Florida, FWAYGO Hand Crafted Rum has a hint of citrus with notes of Meyer lemon and just a bit of peppery heat on the nose. FWAYGO is distilled from locally sourced high-grade molasses, using a slow fermentation and small cuts to develop uniquely rich flavors and a smooth finish. FWAYGO is 40% ABV. South Florida Distillers is located 1110 NE 8th Avenue #3C Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, and appointments for their Tasting Room can be made through their website. For more information on South Florida Distillers, visit