Craft Wine Association Newly Formed Oregon-based Non-Profit Certifies Craft Wineries Nationally


Craft Wine Association Newly Formed Oregon-based Non-Profit Certifies Craft Wineries NationallyOfficial launch of the Craft Wine Association, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting small-scale, independent wineries and the craft wine community. “There is a major need in the marketplace to close the gap between consumers and small wineries,” says Craft Wine Association founder Carole Lawson. “Our mission is to connect craft wine producers with craft lovers through partnerships, education and outreach.”
Wine drinkers can now look for the Certified Craft Wine seal at grocery stores and wherever wine is sold. The consumer can be assured through this seal that the wine they are choosing is produced in lots of 5,000 cases or fewer, is made with grapes that come from an identifiable vineyard, and that its production was winemaker led from start to finish. That is to say they will know it is an authentic, handmade craft wine. The Certified Craft Wine designation is offered to winery members so they can proudly show their commitment to the traditions and art of winemaker-made wines. When SOGGÉ Wines, the Craft Wine Association’s inaugural member, wanted to introduce their wines to new customers, they felt it was necessary to obtain Craft Wine certification. “The American wine industry is dominated by high-volume, mechanized, and formula-driven producers,” says founder and winemaker Joseph Soggé. “Certification is a significant differentiator in a complex and, often, confusing marketplace.”Designed to highlight Certified Craft Wineries and Certified Craft Wines, the Craft Wine Association website,, boasts a searchable online directory with links to each winery’s point of purchase. The Association also shares members’ stories with a community of consumers interested in small-production wines, numbering well into the tens of thousands, as well as via its own social media channels.
Members also have access to valuable marketing data the Craft Wine Association collects about topics such as market trends and buying behavior, as well as an ever-growing list of companies, such as distributors, lifestyle brands, and travel and tourism professionals, that share a passion for craft wines.
Millennials are expected to have the most spending power of any generation in 2018, and craft wines epitomize their values of community, simplicity, and authenticity; however, the complex regulatory environment can make these wines difficult to find. 84% of Millennials believe they can digest a brand’s entire story at first glance, making the messages the Certified Craft Wine seal communicates paramount. The Certified Craft Wine seal communicates the authenticity of a small production, hand crafted wine immediately.
At its core, the Craft Wine Association recognizes that craft wines reflect the stories, personal passions, and true artistry of everyone who had a hand in their making. The Association is dedicated to making Certified Craft Wine as recognizable as any organic or sustainable certification and as ubiquitous as craft beer. Memberships begin at $495 per year. To stay in touch with the Craft Wine Association visit their website or find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. For more information, email or call 916.226.9153.
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