Cream of Rice® Hot Cereal Awarded ChefsBest Excellence Award

A panel of Certified Master Tasters Recognize Cream of Rice Hot Cereal as a Category Leader for Surpassing Quality Standards

Cream of Rice® Hot Cereal Awarded ChefsBest Excellence AwardChefsBest, a San Diego-based company that guides consumers to high-quality foods in a category, announced today that it has launched a new partnership with B&G Foods, owner of the Cream of Rice Hot Cereal brand. Following a blind tasting session conducted by its panel of Certified Master Tasters, ChefsBest awarded Cream of Rice Hot Cereal with the Excellence Award. Evaluated on elements including taste, aroma, flavor, and texture, the product excelled in all areas and surpassed quality standards, earning the recognition as a ChefsBest award winner. Cream of Rice Hot Cereal will be adding the Excellence Award medallion to its packaging this fall.

Cream of Rice® Hot Cereal Awarded ChefsBest Excellence Award“Winning this coveted award from ChefsBest further reiterates our commitment to delivering the highest quality products and solidifies Cream of Rice Hot Cereal as a leader within its category,” said Chris Kuo, Brand Manager at B&G Foods. “We’re proud to add the ChefsBest gold medallion to our packaging, as it’s a symbol of a high-quality product, and look forward to our partnership with ChefsBest.”

ChefsBest gold medallion can be found on hundreds of packages on grocery store shelves, helping consumers choose and purchase the best tasting products within the category. ChefsBest uses a rigorous sensory evaluation process, known as SAQA® (Sensory Attribute Quality Analysis), and a panel of executive-level chefs trained as Master Tasters to identify award-winning food and beverage products. As part of ChefsBest’s proprietary process that determines qualification for a ChefsBest medallion, Certified Master Tasters blindly evaluate products against a quality definition and determine whether they meet quality standards and deserve recognition as a ChefsBest Award winner. The Master Tasters identify and measure the sensory experience across five modalities of appearance, aroma, taste, flavor and texture and determine the impact of each attribute on the overall quality. At the end of the evaluation, the data from the Master Tasters is analyzed and award qualification is determined.

“When it comes to packaging and marketing a product, substantiating claims is incredibly impactful in the food industry, as consumers are more likely to purchase a product with an award-winning marker on the label,” said Lisa Liguori, CEO of ChefsBest. “The Excellence Award recognizes the high quality of Cream of Rice Hot Cereal and helps B&G Foods showcase the preferred taste of this product through the ChefsBest gold medallion, backed by expert data.”

Compared to the extreme time and monetary costs of consumer research, ChefsBest offers an efficient path to the data required for making claims like “Award Winning Taste” or “America’s Best”. Leveraging a ChefsBest award and ad claims ultimately leads to more sales, drives brand switching, and enables brands the ability to justify a price premium. A recent study determined 67 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a ChefsBest award-winning product than one without the ChefsBest medallion on-pack. According to an A/B test, digital ads with the ChefsBest medallion on them experienced a 20 percent higher click-through rate than ads without the award present.

Two of ChefsBest’s main awards include the Best Taste and Excellence Awards. When licensed, the Excellence Award allows a product to claim it meets or surpasses quality standards established by independent, highly-trained professional chefs. For more information on B&G Foods, visit For more information on ChefsBest, visit

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ChefsBest guides consumers to the best tasting foods in a category by identifying the best tasting and highest quality products through a rigorous proprietary sensory evaluation process. ChefsBest is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. and a Center for Taste in San Francisco, Calif. ChefsBest has completed more than 500 tastings for top national brands, bestowing its Best Taste and Excellence Awards on the highest quality products in the market. ChefsBest awards are a nationally recognized trust mark and are used by many national brands including Vitafusion, L’il Critters, Welch’s, Goya, and more. For more information, visit