Disgusting Food Museum Release

Disgusting Food Museum ReleaseThe Disgusting Food Museum, featuring the most provocative foods from around the world, is opening its doors in Las Vegas for visitors to see, smell, and even taste (if they dare) international foods. The Disgusting Food Museum is not just an exhibit, but a celebration of food from around the world highlighting how different cultures may or may not view certain things as disgusting. Exhibited at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on the world famous Las Vegas Strip, The Disgusting Food Museum welcomes visitors to enjoy a culinary journey during its limited “Pop Up” dates beginning Tuesday, October 8 through Thursday, October 10, 2019. The DFM is THE FEATURED EXHHIBIT within the Global Food & Beverage Expo.

The Disgusting Food Museum will introduce its visitors to worldwide delicacies from 80 diverse food exhibits that include:
* Frog smoothies from Peru
* Maggot cheese from Sardinia
* The notoriously smelly fruit, the Durian, from Thailand
* Surströmming, the infamous putrid sea herring dish from Sweden
* Mouse Wine, drowned baby mice in rice wine from China

Foodies, travelers, and the just plain curious can explore unfamiliar food creations, smell new and face-cringing aromas and try select samples at the far from usual grand finale tasting bar! Amazing and bizarre Instagramable moments are endless at the internationally known museum.

First displayed in Sweden, the exotic collection of foods was conceived and curated by psychologist, Dr. Samuel West, well-known as “Dr. Failure” after the runaway success of his Museum of Failure. Dr. West wanted to create an exhibit focused on exploring the shared human experience of disgust and expand the discussion of more environmentally sustainable proteins of the future such as insects and lab-grown meats. “The museum aims to change our view of what is disgusting or not and expose our minds to what is known as normal in other cultures,” says Dr. Samuel West.

This iteration of the museum is produced by Special Entertainment Events (SEE) and Story Tellers, LLC. in conjunction with the GFBE. “After the success of The Museum of Failure, we’re looking forward to once again joining Dr. West on another exciting journey of intriguing, unusual, unconventional, and hugely entertaining concepts,” says Martin Biallas, President of SEE.

One-day admission can be purchased in advance for $15 on www.gfba.vegas or for $20 at the door.

About Dr. Samuel West
Dr. Samuel West is a licensed clinical psychologist and PhD in organizational psychology focusing on innovation. Along with his research at Lund University, West has worked as a consultant helping organizations improve their climate for innovation, through which he became the curator of the Museum of Failure.

About SEE
The SEE™ Family of Companies represents the finest in themed entertainment. Working with major Hollywood studios, record companies, sports franchises and legendary individuals, SEE has become the one source for truly great, immersive entertainment. SEE is led by President Martin Biallas, a Hollywood veteran of 30 years. For more info, please visit: www.seeglobalentertainment.com and www.martinbiallas.com.

About Story Tellers, LLC (A division of UD Factory, LLC)
Story Tellers, LLC. is a multi-faceted event and entertainment production company located in Las Vegas, Nevada owned and operated by its three principal partners, Seth Yudof, Jayson Pearson and Neal Jackaway. For more information about the DFM and other events, please contact: Neal Jackaway — Neal@UDFactory.com.

About GFBE
The first Global Food & Beverage Expo, taking place October 8th through October 10th 2019 in Las Vegas, features over 100 up-and-coming brands and global import and export companies introducing food innovations ranging from food production, beverage technology, and CBD/hemp products to potential investors and allied professionals in a comprehensive, immersive trade show that will include conferences, a tech hub, career fair, chef competition, Disgusting Food Museum pop-up. Admission is complimentary for buyers, $99 for general admission and $70 for students. For more information, visit www.gfba.vegas, or follow GFBE on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. To exhibit or attend, visit the website or call (949) 292-2883.