* Brown-Forman Corporation announced a donation of $1 million to COVID-19 response funds. The donation announced Monday supports multiple locations and agencies as Brown-Forman assesses community and industry needs and identifies the best ways to support those impacted by COVID-19.

  • “As COVID-19 has spread throughout the world, we want to provide assistance to our communities in this time of great need,” said Lawson Whiting, Chief Executive Officer, Brown- Forman Corporation. “We are announcing today donations totaling $1 million that will enable us to give back to the people and communities that mean so much to our company.”
  • Initial contributions included in the $1 million-dollar gift:
    We have partnered with the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation to support their COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund. As part of this partnership, we are encouraging people to make a donation to the foundation, and we will match dollar-for-dollar donations (up to $100,000). Please visit https://bit.ly/RWCFReliefFund to make a donation to help our colleagues and friends.

Cutwater Spirits
Cutwater Spirits is currently working to produce and help distribute prevention methods in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Vale Fox Distillery
* The Vale Fox Distillery, a new craft producer in Hudson Valley, NY, has diverted all of their resources and efforts towards producing hand sanitizer in response to the Coronavirus crisis

  • Their e-commerce store will go live on their website this week where people can buy limited quantities of sanitizer without having to go out to a drug store or other crowded locale.
  • The Vale Fox Distillery is currently working to supply sanitizer to first responders and the supply chain supporting essential businesses.

  • The sanitizer will be sold at cost plus 25 cents extra per oz, which will be donated to bars and restaurants and their employees.

  • Of this new direction for the distillery, Founder and Managing Principal Eral Gokgol-Kline says: “Historically, distilleries have risen to the occasion in world crisis.

During WWII, most distilleries, repurposed to produce industrial strength alcohol that was used to make antifreeze, plastics, lacquer and medical supplies for use in the Southern Pacific. Most importantly, distilleries quickly began producing massive quantities of the vital and life-saving antibiotic — penicillin. It’s an honor to be part of this legacy and we are eager to do our part to contribute to our community in a meaningful and valuable way… We’re in this together!”

Templeton Rye Distillery
Templeton is currently distilling water, which is then loaded on a truck to deliver to the state for the production of sanitizer. Templeton Rye says they will most likely send them another round later as well. Proceeds at this time planned for “Just the tip” a tip service set up under serviceindustryiowa.com and are also looking for ways to contribute to the Iowa Restaurant Association.