DIY Omni’s Summer Floral Popsicle Sticks

DIY Omni’s Summer Floral Popsicle Stick Creations Featured in Food & Beverage Magazine


§  Numi Berried Iced Tea (Cold) 

§  Cranberry juice cocktail  

§  8 strawberries (sliced) 

§  ¼ cup of edible flowers  

§  1 cup of blueberries  

§  4TBS Agave syrup  

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o   Preparation steps: 

§  Make tea ahead of time. Let cool overnight 
o   Make stronger than usual 

§  Mix together cold tea and


juice cocktail  

§  Divide the fruit and leaves into popsicle molds and add in the tea/juice blend  

§  Place popsicle sticks in the molds and freeze overnight  

§  Remove from molds and keep frozen until ready to eat 

§  Enjoy!