Dole Gives Breakfast and Dessert Pizzas a Spin


Creative Fruit Pizzas Expand Menu and Day Part Profitability

Dole Gives Breakfast and Dessert Pizzas a SpinAt the annual International Pizza Expo, Dole always dishes out surprises. Dole not only offers innovative takes on savory (this year’s Caribbean Pork and Mango Pizza was a huge hit with pizza operators), but also expands menu “pizzabilities” with dessert and breakfast/brunch pizza toppings.  A riff on the 2016 DOLE Caribbean Flavor Pairings, Apple Ginger Pizza puts two favorite flavors on a pizza crust and garnished them with caramel syrup.  Equally irresistible, show goers enjoyed the Pineapple and Chocolate Pizza, comparing the sweet treat to chocolate fondue on a crust.

To expand your menu and day part pizzabilities, find more sweet and savory pizza toppings at  Many of the pizza recipes feature DOLE Chef-Ready Cuts IQF Frozen Fruit, 100% usable fruit that’s prepped and ready to use (re-sealable bags ensure no waste), as well as DOLE Pineapple Tidbits, a best selling pizza topping.

For more information about the real fruit benefits of DOLE Fresh Frozen and Packaged Fruits, or to browse the recipe database, visit To contact a Dole representative, call 800-723-9868.

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