Dom Pérignon Announces Release of P2-1998

Dom Pérignon Announces Release of P2-1998In the presence of Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy, Dom Pérignon celebrated the global reveal of P2-1998 among the dramatic landscapes of Iceland by way of a special event that showcased the spirit of its Second Plénitude. 

Exalted in its Second Plénitude, which is defined by a minimum of 12 years aging in the cellars, P2-1998 has been invigorated by sixteen years of aging. It’s dark, mineral, and spiced singularity vibrates higher and clearer than ever, with an increasingly sharp intensity, as reflected in the landscapes of Iceland.

Iceland was selected to introduce P2-1998 because it perfectly mirrors the energetic singularity of Dom Pérignon P2. Mysterious and intriguing, magnetic and mineral, Iceland is a land in perpetual movement. Though it may at times appear calm, the land is feverishly at work below the surface, much like P2-1998. Its energy surges forth in thrilling spectacles and marvelous bursts: rumbling tectonic plates, erupting volcanoes and gushing geysers that contribute to the land’s ongoing evolution.

Dom Pérignon aspires for each of its vintages to have the potential to gradually transform, in a quest to find itself. Each vintage has three evolutional stages called Plénitudes, revealing its beautiful singularity throughout its life cycle, which is only renewed by Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy. From the first Plénitude (minimum of 7 years of aging), to the third Plénitude (minimum 20 years), Dom Pérignon’s “Power of Creation” platform is affirmed in its precise aging and maturation process. Dom Pérignon is centered upon its absolute dedication to only vintage wines.

Dom Pérignon P2-1998 is available in a tone-on-tone bottle and minimalist brushed aluminium box, in a deep matte, and can be purchased at purveyors of fine wine in the United States as of August 2014 for the price of $375.00. Prices in markets may vary.

Dom Pérignon
Dom Pérignon champagne is committed to perfection, based upon a vision to create the best wine in the world. Always a vintage wine, our commitment to vintages is absolute: Dom Pérignon is made from only the best grapes and is declared only in the most exceptional years. The champagne’s intensity is based in precision, with a deeply distinctive style – so inviting yet so mysterious. Each Vintage has three Plénitudes, and embodies the Power of Creation that is constantly renewed by Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy. Coupled with a bold sense of playfulness, Dom Pérignon inspires the greatest creators in the world. For more information please visit