Dreamstaurant Contest” Grand Prize $20,000 in restaurant design and products

Tundra Restaurant Supply’s mission is to achieve success through the success of their customers, which is why Tundra has decided to help one lucky food service entrepreneur realize their dream of owning and operating their very own restaurant.

Tundra is launching the “What’s Your Dreamstaurant?” contest nationwide Oct 1, for food service entrepreneurs, aspiring restaurateurs, and serious home chefs alike. The Grand Prize is a $20,000 restaurant design and product package that will help one lucky restaurateur realize their dream restaurant concept.

However, anyone can enter the Dreamstaurant Contest and have a chance to win.  There will be a “home chef, home kitchen design” category, and the two home chefs with the best dream home kitchen concepts will each win a $500 Tundra shopping spree.

Contestants will fill out a short survey at www.etundra.com/dreamstaurant <http://www.etundra.com/dreamstaurant>  that helps them define their dream restaurant, or home kitchen, concept.  Contest entries will be accepted from October 1 – December 31, 2012.

Celebrity chef Kelly Liken, a finalist on Bravo’s Top Chef, will sit on Dreamstaurant’s panel of judges, and help Tundra select the $20,000 Grand Prize winner.  Chef Kelly, owner and operator of Restaurant Kelly Liken, worked with Tundra’s restaurant designer Jeff Katz on the design of her dream restaurant in Vail, Colo.

“A fully-equipped kitchen is a dream come true whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef,” says Chef Kelly.  “Tundra VP of Design Jeff Katz was integral in the design of Restaurant Kelly Liken, and we use their products. I can say from firsthand experience, using Tundra would help set up any new restaurant for success.”

Winners will be announced January 21, 2013.  Tundra will post updates of the Grand Prize winner’s progress in creating their Dreamstaurant on www.etundra.com <http://www.etundra.com/> .

Tundra’s recent acquisition of Katz Company, a Denver based design firm, has greatly expanded Tundra Restaurant Supply’s suite of services, allowing them to offer restaurant and kitchen design and consulting services, as well as complete equipment and supplies packages. VP of Design Jeff Katz has worked on Colorado restaurants such as The Kitchen Cafe, Restaurant Kelly Liken, and Matsuhisa.

“We’re very excited about the Dreamstaurant Contest,” says Katz.  “It will give us the chance to hear about our customer’s dreams and goals, and even help make one of those dreams a reality.  Plus, the contest is great for aspiring restaurant owners, existing owners who want to remodel, and home cooks who dream about upgrading their kitchens.”