Ei.Ventures Partners With The3rdBevCo for PSILLI™, a line of Mushroom Infused Functional Sparkling Waters

Noted medicinal and supplemental mushroom research and development company Ei.Ventures has partnered with rising functional beverage company The3rdBevCo on the first ever line of mushroom infused sparkling waters, called PSILLI™. The line is targeted to be available to wholesalers in late Q1 2022 and to the general public shortly thereafter.


The3rdBevCo CEO Peter Scalise notes, ““I must say meeting the founding team of Ei.Ventures really gives credence to the phrase first impressions are the most important. We immediately hit it off with a working chemistry I never experienced before. We share the same vision, path forward and are laser focused in achieving our goals. Get ready because we are about to bring to market a whole new category in the functional beverage sector unlike anything seen to date that is sure to be the talk of the entire industry from distributors to consumers.”


PSILLI™ is a perfect addition to The3rdBevCo’s growing product range of functional beverages, which include the energy drink line LAID™, CDB energy shot Chill’d™, and ProsecGO™ for those looking for a non-alcoholic experience of Prosecco.


As scientists are discovering, not only are most of the claims about medicinal mushrooms true, but they’re often also safer and better tolerated with fewer side-effects than many modern pharmaceuticals. With PSILLI™, functional mushrooms will be available to The3rdBevCo’s nationwide base of retailers, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and event venues, allowing everyone to experience mushrooms’ positive effects.


Functional mushrooms are nutritional powerhouses with a myriad of health benefits including immune support, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar management, brain health and cognition support, nervous system support, and increased energy and stamina.


PSILLI™ will use a variety of mushroom types to create five distinct formulations: Brain Boost to support cognitive and immune function; Study Buddy, a Nootropic supplement; Energizer, a natural energy enhancer; Good Mood a mood optimizer and appetite moderator; and Bedtime, for relaxing.


PSILLI™ will be packaged in the popular 12 ounce slim can and come in five amazing flavors – Black Cherry, Mixed Berry, Blood Orange, Pineapple Hibiscus, Pomegranate Watermelon. With no sugar, zero carbs and only 10 calories in each can, PSILLI™ will be functional and delicious!


Ei.Ventures CEO David Nikzad notes, “We’re so excited to partner with The3rdBevCo on the PSILLI™ line of functional beverages, as they are a leader in the space and can help us spread understanding of the value of mushrooms through the enormous beverage channel. Once people start to use functional mushrooms, they’ll be eager to try the other supplemental mushroom products, and eventually medicinal products that we are bringing to market.”