Elevate Food Service Quality with Novipax

In the dynamic world of foodservice, where every detail matters, Novipax stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Novipax’s mission is to combat unwanted moisture and liquid through their unique absorbent pad solutions. Let’s delve into Novipax – a brand defined by excellence, quality products, and a profound dedication to creating a safer world. 

Defining Novipax: A Legacy of Innovation

At the core of Novipax is a legacy built on excellence. Our brand is not just about products; it’s a commitment to elevating the foodservice industry as a whole. Novipax thrives on the belief that fresher ingredients and improved food quality can enhance every dining experience.

“Industry leaders when it comes to manufacturing quality absorbent pad solutions within the food and healthcare industries, Novipax is a name that is trusted in the market,” said Keith Schroeder, CEO of Novipax. “As we look to expand our foodservice offering, we bring tenured experience, along with our key values embedded in reducing food waste and striving to implement innovative products where they may not be used today.”

From front-of-house to back-of-house, Novipax helps restaurants serve the tastiest food in the safest conditions. No matter what’s on the menu, foodservice customers want the same thing: the freshest food prepared in the cleanest environment. Novipax’s solutions enhance food freshness, promote kitchen hygiene, and support employee and restaurant patron safety for restaurants of every size and style, from fast food chains to fine dining establishments.

Foodservice Portfolio: More Than Just Supplies

Prep Pads: Your Kitchen Sidekick

Prep Pads are the moisture management solution you need to maintain peak freshness in every dish, every time. Instantly revolutionize back-of-house processes by capturing unwanted moisture in prep trays to maintain optimal texture and freshness.

Furthermore, by incorporating the pads into the prep process you will improve operational efficiencies and sanitation by eliminating drip and splatter contamination and keeping work surfaces moisture-free. Culinary professionals can now elevate their creations, confident in the freshness and improved quality delivered by Novipax’s Prep Pads.

SpillGuard: Navigating the Kitchen Chaos

In a bustling kitchen, spills are inevitable. Spillguard isn’t merely a clean-up solution; it’s a testament to Novipax’s dedication to creating safer work environments. Engineered with advanced technology, Spillguard swiftly tackles spills, preventing slips and mishaps, fostering a kitchen atmosphere where safety reigns supreme. Available in bright orange, SpillGuard marks spill areas as hazardous and instantly starts the clean-up process.

VersaMat: Guardians of Cleanliness

The kitchen floor is the stage where culinary masterpieces unfold. VersaMat goes beyond conventional floor protection; they’re guardians of cleanliness and safety. With a focus on easy maintenance and durability, this product proactively absorbs unwanted moisture that can collect under industrial drying racks and walk-in coolers. Prevent a need for clean-up and slipping risks by absorbing moisture before it even becomes a problem.

Faster, Fresher, Flavorful.

When it comes to foodservice, food quality is non-negotiable. Unwanted juice, leftover wash water, and condensation can sit at the bottom of prep pans, erode the quality of the fresh ingredients, and unintentionally transfer into the final dish. This jeopardizes the quality and changes the recipe – not to mention can cause a mess in the kitchen. 

True to our mission, Novipax has introduced an innovation we call “Prep Pads”. Prep Pads are the moisture management solution you need to maintain peak freshness in every dish, every time.

With Prep Pads and other Novipax innovations like SpillGuard and VersaMat, Novipax offers cost-effective absorbent products to help you solve any unwanted moisture issues that you are facing in your current operations.

A safer kitchen and less unwanted moisture means chefs can focus on what they do best – crafting culinary delights!