Entertaining made easy thanks to Creminelli

Creminelli loves food. Discovering it, making it, and sharing it with those who matter most. That love for sharing delicious food is at the core of all of the products that they craft, making their artisan salami the obvious choice for hosting friends and family. So whether you’re hoping to turn your home into a holiday hotspot or you’re inviting your crew over for the big game or a calm night around the fire, Creminelli has got you covered with charcuterie-grade snacks to elevate any occasion and make your next shindig a success.


Creminelli Simplifies Entertaining in Collaboration with Food & Beverage Magazine


One of the best things you can do when entertaining is to keep things simple. Rest assured, simple does not mean boring — it simply means not overthinking or overcomplicating anything so that you can focus on spending quality time with your guests. When it comes to serving up a simple snack, look no further than Creminelli’s Casalingo, a hard salami made with just sea salt, cracked pepper, and a hint of garlic. By keeping the ingredient list short, the flavor of the pork is able to stand alone. The result is that you and your guests can experience the real taste of curing and aging salami without any interference from more dominant spices. That simplicity also makes Casalingo incredibly versatile, which means you can serve it on its own alongside some alpine cheese or as a delicious addition to any of your favorite appetizers from chopped salads to frittatas. To take the flavor experience to the next level, Creminelli recommends pairing their Casalingo, which they’ve been making the same way for over 100 years, with different marmalades or honeys. That unbeatable (and timeless) combination of savory and sweet is certain to make Casalingo a crowd pleaser.

If you’re looking to add a more distinctive flavor to your snack spread, try Creminelli’s award-winning Sopressata. Made with organic garlic and Sangiovese red wine, it’s the perfect for crafting a quick antipasto (the traditional first course of an Italian meal). If you’re looking to serve something a little heartier for a main course, try it in a sandwich with a semi-soft cheese or dice it up and toss it in with fresh spaghetti. And because it’s made with red wine, you can’t go wrong pairing it with a glass (or two) of your favorite cabernet.

Crunched for time? Coming soon, Creminelli will offer entertaining trays that come pre-sliced and ready to serve, ranging from 4.5 oz of paper-thin prosciutto to combo packs featuring prosciutto, finocchiona (salami inspired by the wild fennel fields of Tuscany made with organic fennel and space) and varzi (a versatile salami made with organic nutmeg and sea salt).

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No matter how you slice it or serve it, all Creminelli products are made from 100% US heritage pork raised in open living conditions with no added nitrates and no antibiotics. They’re also packaged in 80% PCR trays, which means that 80% of the plastic used to make their sliced charcuterie trays is made using recycled plastic (which is the highest PCR content in the charcuterie industry). That commitment to being at the forefront of sustainable practices in food manufacturing makes Creminelli not only a delicious choice, but an environmentally-friendly one you can feel good about.

To add Creminelli to the menu for your next soiree, go to creminelli.com/locate to find Creminelli near you.