F&B Industry Update

I wanted to reach out again given the current happenings around the world that lead to the cancellations of so many vital industry trade shows, these trade shows and expos have been the lifeline of many of your businesses. As you know, we jumped in to help stimulate your potential buyers that you missed seeing at these trade shows. We have had an overwhelming success. It is no surprise to me that our readership has had a substantial jump as well.

As highly recommended by industry leaders, We reduced our rates for our full page ad buys down to $2000 from $6500 for our May 2020 Issue and included your ad in the the April 2020 issue for free as an added bonus. We decided to keep the promotion going for another month to ensure you reach your buyers. That means a full page ad in the May 2020 and June 2020 issues of Food & Beverage Magazine will only cost a total of $2000.

Let us HELP you get your word out! If you would like to look at our rate card and see the direct savings here is the link: https://sable.madmimi.com/c/17593?id=24815841.22499.1.950f87a716c0d0c3e1142b10b09fbfb4

If you have any other ideas for us to use or assets to help stimulate the industry please reach out to me directly.

Michael Politz
Food & Beverage Magazine
(888) 959-7260 Ext. 101