Feast Your Eyes

From Hollywood hot spots to Texas breweries, clients turn to Dallas-based artist Jenna Fredde to create a sensory experience

By Lisa Collins Shaddock. 


If you are looking for Dallas based artist Jenna Fredde and can’t find her in her studio covered in paint — good luck. Though you may find sipping a negroni with a group of new friends in a dark speakeasy. She could be deep in conversation at her favorite coffee shop. It’s possible she is enthusiastically exploring a new city while traveling for client meetings.  Or, she may have decided to go to a concert solo. (This is something she does often). Fredde — who was classically trained as a painter at Richmond University in Florence, Italy and has a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of North Texas — is someone who truly experiences life to the fullest.

It makes sense then that she is drawn to creating works that immerse viewers, patrons, and diners in a sensory experience, many of them featured prominently in public spaces, restaurants, and bars.  “You’re not just going out to eat or to shop but you are surrounded by art. You’re immersed in two experiences at once,” Fredde says of her work.

Her eleven large-scale artworks, inspired by the murals in iconic establishments like Waverly Inn and The Palm, are essential to the swanky, old-school atmosphere at Drake’s, a white tablecloth. steakhouse with locations in Dallas, Los Angeles and Houston. The restaurant’s West Hollywood location — which opened earlier this year, is regularly frequented by celebrities like the ones immortalized on the walls in Fredde’s paintings.

She’s currently working with Dallas-based group Imperial Fizz Hospitality on a project for their soon-to-open concept, Birdie’s Eastside, a new neighborhood bar and grill that will feature a 7,000-squre-foot-patio and an emphasis on thoughtful design.

“I like to work with clients to create commissioned paintings that are personal and tell a story,” Fredde says, stressing the collaborative and personalized nature of her projects — many of which take months to complete. In addition to custom creations for restaurants, Fredde has created artwork for companies including Uber, American Airlines, Whole Foods, and more. She also takes commissions for individuals and has recently done a series of large-scale murals within a private residence.

Fredde is currently working on her own collection exhibition.