Fine Wine Made Exclusively for Jenny McCarthy and Only Available Through Cellar Angels

Jenny McCarthy is a mother, model, actress, author of a series of New York Times Best-selling books and relentless activist for autism through her charity Generation Rescue. Starting today and through May 26, she’s being honored with a custom wine made exclusively for Generation Rescue available only through online wine company Cellar Angels. The wine will be served only once in public at the 5th annual Rescue Our Angels event May 24th held in Chicago and put on by Peter and Michele Doyle, Chicago residents who founded Rescue Our Angels to raise money for autism awareness.

The wine, a 2011 Pinot Gris, was sourced from a small vineyard in the Russian River Valley, a famed location in the County of Sonoma, CA. Blanchard Family Wines produced less than 75 cases specifically to help Generation Rescue raise funds for families suffering with autism spectrum disorders. To learn more about the wine and purchase, go to

Blanchard Family Wines had previous experience with both Generation Rescue and their charity partner Cellar Angels, so working together at a single event was a natural progression. For Cellar Angels President Martin Cody, the winery, the cause and the wine make perfect sense.

“Blanchard Family is a terrific story themselves producing hand-crafted wines from exceptional vineyard locations. This Pinot Gris is the perfect warm weather wine as it has a radiant brightness, crisp aromas of citrus groves and fresh flowers and just a brilliant taste. It’s truly a fine wine and at this price-point it’s a terrific wine buy for an incredible cause,” he said.

Both Blanchard Family Wine and Cellar Angels are donating portions of proceeds to Generation Rescue.

“I’m very excited to attend this event. It’s families like our hosts the Doyles and companies like Blanchard Family Wines and Cellar Angels paying it forward and making a lasting impact,” said Jenny McCarthy, the guest of honor for the evening’s event.  For tickets to the event on Thursday, May 24th, go to

About Cellar Angels 

Cellar Angels was created by a compassionate group of wine-lovers intent on changing the world through wine. Their mission is simple: connect small, artisanal wine producers to larger audiences, expose wine-lovers to exclusive purchase opportunities from partnering boutique wineries and raise money for a select group of charities. They love wine, love introducing others to great wine and love making a difference. Cellar Angels provides an opportunity to accomplish all three.

About Generation Rescue and “Rescue Our Angels” 

Every year, Generation Rescue helps more than 25,000 families affected by autism by providing education, support and medical assistance, directly improving children’s quality of life. With mentors in 38 countries around the world, services include a toll-free hotline, medical grants, parent mentors and conferences. The Rescue Our Angels event was founded by Michele and Pete Doyle in honor of their daughter Caelan, who was diagnosed with autism in November of 2006. Caelan, now 10, has responded positively to treatments. Now in its 5th year, the event raises money to help fund treatment for families affected by autism.

About Blanchard Family Wines 

As children, these two brothers were so closely associated with one another, they were often known simply as the Blanchard Boys. But as the brothers grew older, their lives led them on different paths. James went to the Air Force Academy, became a military officer and helicopter pilot, and proceeded to start a family. Mark studied poetry, moved to California, and pursued aspirations of working in Wine Country. As they both discovered a mutual passion for fine wines, the Blanchard Boys came together again under this dream. This family business is the vision of two brothers who wish to share rare, hand-crafted, artisan wines with the world.