Finger Licking Foodie Tours Partners with Park MGM for Unique Self-Guided Culinary Experience

To show off its dazzling $550 million renovated resort, the Park MGM has taken the exciting step to partner with award-winning Finger Licking Foodie Tours on an exclusive gourmet experience that lets patrons dine at three of its most renowned restaurants — all in one evening at coveted prime time.


This self-guided culinary excursion is exclusive to the host’s invited guests only, making for a relaxing, intimate soiree. The two-hour tour, which begins at 5 p.m., takes guests to three celebrated restaurants, all located within an easy stroll of one another in the stylish Park MGM, a true centerpiece of The Strip.


Designed for a minimum of two people, the tour whisks patrons past velvet ropes and host stands at each venue for immediate seating with VIP service at the best table in the house. There’s no menu to fuss with. Instead, a trio of carefully curated signature dishes is paraded out to guests at each restaurant with no wait. Dessert is also included in the final stop to end the evening on a scintillatingly sweet note.


The pioneering tour includes an innovative virtual guide that provides fascinating information on each restaurant visited. As guests stroll from one venue to the next, they also get a chance to take in the stunning sights of the modern resort.


The $175 per person price is inclusive of gratuities and the virtual guide. An optional beverage package, $60 per person, can be added to provide a different pre-selected craft cocktail at each venue.


Offered Thursday through Sunday, the tour includes visits to these three restaurants:


  • Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar: The only outpost of the legendary Chicago restaurant outside of the Windy City, Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar in the Park MGM boasts a classic American steakhouse menu done up with French savoir faire. The dishes are robust yet refined, and the classic cocktails memorably potent.


  • Best Friend: Celebrated Los Angeles chef Roy Choi serves up fun, hip, and imaginative Korean-California dishes guaranteed to wake up the palate. Dining here is a one-of-a-kind experience from the get-go, as guests walk into what resembles a Koreatown convenience store, only to be surprised by the cool- kids’ dining room in the back.


  • NoMad: Manhattan chic comes alive in the NoMad, where the seats are plush garnet velvet, the tables adorned with elegant library lamps, the food sophisticated, and the drinks created by what has been deemed the “Best Bar in North America.’’



This incredible experience need not end after all that, either. A $100 per person optional upgrade is available, which includes a luxurious custom limo coach to transport guests to Maverick Helicopters for a champagne toast, followed by a 12- to 15-minute flight aboard an ECO-Star helicopter for a stunning view of The Strip at night. The limo coach conveniently returns guests to their hotel on The Strip at the end of this unforgettable evening. For more information or to reserve an experience, click here.


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