Food & Beverage Magazine welcomes Jason Strange as Director of Marketing & Conceptual Branding

By Lonn M Friend 

Food & Beverage Magazine welcomes Jason Strange as Director of Marketing & Conceptual BrandingOn April 15, 1985, Marvelous Marvin Hagler defeated Thomas “Hitman” Hearns proclaiming to the world he was the undisputed middleweight champ of the world. As he exited Caesar’s Palace, the victorious Hagler stopped to say hi to an eight-year old Jason Strange whose father worked as a valet at the storied hotel. “He put me on his shoulders,” recalls Strange. “I’ll never forget that moment. I guess my dad was teaching me to be a fighter.” The Las Vegas born Strange hasn’t put on gloves but rather, he’s battled for good causes and solid people by working hard and utilizing the tools of his selected trade – Graphic design, branding, and a genuine talent for social networking and event coordination.

While attending the College of Southern Nevada, Strange studied graphic design and branding and upon graduating, went to work for O.ID. – Orchestral Image and Design – a cutting edge interactive technology company. During his tenure there, Strange worked on exciting projects with Otis Elevators, Kenwood Electronics, RCA Entertainment and the 1998 initial Las Vegas EAT’M Festival (Emerging Artists Talent n Music “EAT’M was a blast,” he recalls. “I did all the design and layout for the John Lennon touch screen kiosks that were put into the hotels taking part in the festival where patrons could access complete bio information on the musicians who were playing around the city.”

Barely into his 20s, Strange honed his design chops in the emerging industry of promotional vehicle wraps. He quickly evolved in printing securing accounts with NFL running back, Napoleon McCallum and digital design for Grammy winning recording artist, Usher, who invited Strange to work on projects being developed by his new company Shadow Realm.

In 2000,Strange contributed digital design elements for Cyber Entertainment Network Television while expanding his business into digital printing, billboard design and interior design for convention booths. “I was heavily involved with printing and branding and doing freelance art in 2001 when my mother introduced me to the man who’d change my career and life, Chef Kerry Simon. “I started working with Mr. Simon shortly after he opened Simon Kitchen & Bar at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in 2002. And I’ve been with him ever since. My responsibilities range from research, design and development of his restaurant properties to being a trusted personal assistant and liaison between Mr.Simon and his clientele, investors and guests.”

Food & Beverage Magazine welcomes Jason Strange as Director of Marketing & Conceptual BrandingStrange is a colorful young man evidenced by his vibrant personality and Technicolor tattoos that cover most of his body. He builds motorcycles and has done stunt work for TV commercials. “I was in a visual reenactment of the infamous 2012 Bellagio motorcycle robbery for Discovery Channel,” he smiles. “I also performed tricks on one my custom bikes for a TV commercial shot at the Mountain Springs Lodge, the biker bar on the highway to Pahrump. Tons of fun.”

Ronnie and Linda Strange were free spirited parents that instilled a hearty altruistic character in their son. They advocated for the Humane Society to stop the annual Eskimo slaughter of baby seals in Canada and inspired their son to lend his networking skills to the cause. But his truest passion is raising awareness and funds for Kerry’s Simon’s Fight M.S.A. foundation. “I’ve watched my mentor, hero and friend go from running three miles a day to being imprisoned by an electric wheel chair thanks to this insidious disease, Multiple System Atrophy,” says Strange. “As long as Mr. Simon keeps fighting, I’ll be right there beside him.”

In June 2014, Strange was appointed Director of Marketing and Conceptual Branding for Publisher Michael Politz’s popular Food and Beverage Magazine. “It’s a privilege and an honor to work with Michael and I’m excited about lending my experience, talent and relationships to helping him take his publication to the next level.”