Food & Beverage Podcasts Network to Debut Live Podcasts at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) 76th Annual Convention & Exposition Orlando, Florida

Food & Beverage Podcasts Network to Debut Live Podcasts at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) 76th Annual Convention & Exposition Orlando, FloridaFood and Beverage Magazine is expanding its universal multi-medium platform to include the new Food & Beverage Podcasts Network featuring dozens of modern podcasts designed to give the discerning foodie a new group of “in your face restaurant & beverage gurus” to feast on.
Food and Beverage Magazine is the leading global lifestyles and restaurant magazine with detailed business intelligence on brand development acuity, food & beverage trends, innovative business information and all areas of foodservice, beverage and nightclub and business-to-business intellect inside the industry and from consumer’s insightful spending habits. Debuting its new Podcast Network series at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) 76th Annual Convention & Exposition March 31 — April 3, 2019 in Orlando, Food & Beverage Podcasts Network is designed bring cutting-edge restaurant business news with peculiar industry insight and laughter.

“We started Food & Beverage Podcasts Network to give a fresh stage for some of the most creative and insightful restaurant gurus to share their stories, experiences, mistakes and passion for the industry in a public forum,” said Michael Politz, publisher of Food and Beverage Magazine and podcasts network curator. “After discovering the deficiencies in the podcast world of food and hospitality related programming, I knew my team at Food and Beverage Magazine could make a difference with a modern lineup of funny industry leaders while providing the F & B business sector an outline on how to create and manage a successful and profitable podcast system,” he said.

For the past 20 years, Politz and Food and Beverage Magazine quickly grew to the most anticipated source of ‘behind the scenes’ info in the restaurant, nightlife and beverage industry. Politz is on the frontline of restaurant news with an authoritative knowledge of industry trends. His infectious personality gets straight to the point by providing exclusive information on this fast-paced world making anyone he comes in contact with the first to know the buzz on biz, booze, bars, parties, shows and food. Politz is an addictive source of information on all things hospitality related. He is “snarky, sarcastic, pithy” and “in-the-know” about the goings on in nightlife, celebrities, dining and hospitality. His instincts and involvement in the spirits world as a celebrity brand builder has industry executives and decision-makers referring to him as the true “Minister of Propaganda” in the food world; the podcast network adds a new platform to reach millions.

Some of the current shows currently available on the Food & Beverage Podcasts Network include:

A Fork in the Road with Travel Guru & Emmy-winning Comedian Mark DeCarlo and James Beard Award-winning foodie host Jennifer English — join in the fun for a weekly deep dive into Travel — Food — Funny with insightful interviews of musicians, actors, celebrities, chefs and the occasional weird foodie to get a true flavor of America’s pallet.

The Art Mann Podcast — the world-renowned expert in drunken travel, shares his knowledge of unique destinations and outrageous events with special guests and crazy on the scene festivals and pop-podcasts in the most remote places. You’ll never know where this guy will show up.

Rogues on the Road — Meet the Rogues on the Road. Matt an avid outdoorsman and former science teacher turned distiller. And Rich the “Brit”, a city slicker who moved to the US and works in special education. Matt and Rich embrace their cultural differences and come together each week to discuss food, travel, booze and everything in between. Laugh and learn along the way as they sample fun bites & beverages, embrace challenges, meet unique guests and even play a few pranks.

Hangover Takeover – The Hangover Takeover is hosted by The Standby Gypsy & Juju The Model. This is the in your face podcast that gets your long week started after a short weekend! Catch the colorful interviews and off-the-cuff banter and chop up today’s headlines over drinks!

The PR%F Podcast — Food and Beverage Magazine and F & B Podcasts Network are the co-presenting sponsor for the upcoming PR%F Awards and the PR%F Design Distinction Awards competitions set for June 2019. On this live drinking podcast beverage experts and distributors will rate and discuss what makes a brand win accolades & medals while using the special 100-point system. This is a chance for emerging brands to get tasted by a rotating lists of podcasts hosts that include distributors & retail buyers, while having your brands highlighted to the many listeners.

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