Four Must-Haves for the Perfect Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Four Must-Haves for the Perfect Custom Outdoor Kitchen – Food & Beverage Magazine

With a little creativity and a lot of imagination, even the smallest backyard can accommodate an amazing custom outdoor kitchen. Whether you are working with a small space or sharing your kitchen with indoor appliances, this guide will help you get started on designing the perfect outdoor kitchen.

1.   Know Your Limitations

Before you begin, it’s important to know the limitations of your outdoor kitchen.


  • Budget

This will depend on the size of your home, the materials you choose, and the size of your outdoor kitchen.

  • Space

While many homeowners have plenty of space to build a full outdoor kitchen, others have only a small patio. If you have limited space, you will have to get creative when it comes to designing the layout.

  • Climate

You should also keep the climate in mind. If you live in a place that gets a lot of rain or snow, you may want to consider installing a roof over your custom outdoor kitchen.

  • Family needs

Your family will also influence your design and budget. If you have small children, you may want to invest in child-proof cabinets. If you have pets, you will also have to make sure your outdoor kitchen is safe for them.

2.   Custom Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

There are a few items that your outdoor kitchen simply cannot be without, or at the very least need to be considered before starting.


  • Lighting

Lighting is essential for any area of your home, but it’s particularly important for your outdoor kitchen. You will want to consider where your bulbs will be placed and how many you will need based on the size of your space.

  • Cabinetry

If you plan on closing off your kitchen with cabinets, you will have to install them before you install your appliances.

  • Electrical outlets

Make sure you have electrical outlets installed before you install your appliances.

  • Seating

You will also want to make sure you have a plan for seating in your outdoor kitchen.

  • Drainage

Be sure to plan for drainage when designing your outdoor kitchen. You don’t want standing water around your appliances.

3.   Choosing Your Materials

Your budget is one of the biggest limitations when designing an outdoor kitchen. However, there are plenty of materials that will help you stay within your budget but still get the look you want.


  • Location

Where your outdoor kitchen will be located will also impact the materials you choose. If it’s in a high-use area, you may want to consider a sturdier material. If it’s in a low-use area, you may want something that’s less maintenance.

  • Maintenance Level

You will also want to make sure you choose materials that are within your maintenance level. If you don’t have time to mow the grass or keep up with painting, you may want to choose a lower-maintenance material.

  • Look and Feel

You will also want to consider the look and feel you would like your outdoor kitchen to have. If you want a rustic look, you will want to choose materials that will help you achieve that look. If you want a modern look, you will want to choose materials that fit that style.


Unless you’ve done a lot of home renovation, there are a few more things you’ll have to take into consideration for your dream custom outdoor kitchen.


  • Buildability

Think about how easy it will be to build with any given material. If you don’t have a lot of experience building, you may want to stay away from some of the heavier materials like stone.

  • Structural integrity

Some materials may not be strong enough to support the weight of a custom outdoor kitchen.

  • Ease of cleaning

You will most likely be cleaning your outdoor kitchen frequently because of the weather, so you don’t want something that is difficult to clean.

  • Maintenance

Think about the maintenance each material requires. Some materials may require more maintenance than you are able or willing to give. Others may require very little.

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4.   Awnings and Roofing

Having something between you and the sky above can make your custom outdoor kitchen more comfortable and sanitary.


  • Awnings

Awnings will help to shade your outdoor kitchen and make it more comfortable regardless of the weather. You can find awnings in many different materials, shapes, and sizes. You can also find them in many different colors to match your taste.

  • Roofing

Depending on the type of roofing material you choose, you may or may not need a roofing contractor. If you choose something like shingles, you will definitely need to hire a contractor. If you choose something like a metal roofing material, you may be able to install it yourself.


Only you can decide what makes the perfect custom outdoor kitchen, but we hope this short list has started you off on the right foot to make your dreams come true!