Fourth Goes Live with First U.S. Market Hospitality

Fourth Goes Live with First U.S. Market Hospitality

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Fourth’s Payroll Service provides a one-stop solution for managing multiple employments, varying pay rates, shift work, variable hours, temporary staff and paid time off. Built-in payroll data analytics empower hospitality operators to make faster and better decisions, materially reducing the cost and inefficiencies associated with traditional payroll services.

Part of its Workforce Management solution set, Fourth’s Payroll Service is tightly integrated with its Workforce Planning tool. With data inputs on logged employee hours, this tool calculates employee gross and net wages, used by the payroll service team to generate payments to hospitality employees. All hospitality-relevant labor regulations are built into the platform to ensure operator compliance.

“Wagamama USA chose Fourth’s workforce management solution because it provides a single platform for us to manage the entire employee lifecycle – and, crucially, with fully integrated payroll delivered by a team that genuinely cared about us,” explained Paul Oakley, Wagamama U.S. Finance Director.

“There was an immediate and significant increase in accuracy due to our switch in payroll providers.a They do deliver – our people are paid accurately and on time, tips are paid through payroll and taxed accurately, and staff can view their paystubs as well as their schedules on the Fourth app on their cell phone. “In addition, I have been particularly impressed with the expertise, attentiveness and quality of service from the Fourth team. They really do get the complexities of hospitality payroll. If we had any questions at all, they were on hand to answer these quickly and efficiently. To my mind, this personable and professional approach differentiates them from other payroll providers.”

Oakley continued: “And we are getting results that go further than an accurate and timely payroll. Our labor spend has improved because the system’s intelligence in labor forecasting allows us to focus on overstaffing. Creating a schedule is simple and saves hours each week compared to Excel and manual systems.

“Our approach is totally unlike other payroll providers,” noted. “Our solution is specifically designed for highly complex hospitality payroll and copes easily with different rates of pay, staff who are seasonal, transient, full-time, part-time and those who carry out a variety of functions.

“We intend to revolutionize the market and provide the hospitality world what it needs from a payroll service — a service provider that can match the high standards they set as their own. It’s paramount for us to deliver exceptional quality and great customer service. Consistent, accurate and timely payroll is key to employee happiness and business efficiency, and we help our customers achieve that.”

To build upon Fourth’s payroll success in the U.K. and expand these services into the U.S. market to meet local hospitality customer demand, Steele, who has led Fourth’s global payroll operations for 10 years, opened a new service center in Tampa in October 2017. Managed by payroll operations manager Jennifer Specht, the center has hired from the Tampa area’s rich pool of payroll specialists to staff up for customers.

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