Frey Farms Opens Processing Facility

Frey Farms Opens Fruit and Vegetable Processing Facility

Multi-state farming operation expands product line through vertical integration

Frey Farms Opens Processing Facility
Sarah Frey (center) and her four brothers (from left: John, Harley

Keenes, IL (October 17, 2017) – Frey Farms, commercial grower and shipper of fresh produce throughout the Midwest and Southeast, announced the opening of a cold-pressed processing center on one of their farms located in Poseyville, Indiana. The new 70,000 square-foot facilities were designed to produce large batch quantities of cold-pressed juice and puree ingredients.

The new facility will add a number of jobs to the Southern Indiana region. Frey Farms is a producer of fresh fruits and vegetables including watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn, hard squash, peppers, and pumpkins. The Poseyville Juicery will now be the company’s central location for processing 6,000 gallons of cold-pressed, unpasteurized watermelon juice per day. The company anticipates more than 300 tons of Frey Farms watermelons coming through the facility each week during the season to expand the opportunities in the foodservice industry.
Each watermelon undergoes a proprietary process that uses minimal processing techniques to cold extract the juice and chills it to near freezing within minutes. This innovative process helps to maintain superior flavor while retaining its natural color, as well as nutrients. Frey Farms is now applying a successful and effective vertical integration. The Poseyville facility completes all stages of production in-house.
“This is a significant milestone that expands our family business beyond providing fresh fruits and vegetables. Ingredient production is a natural extension for our farms and a strategic growth opportunity for Tsamma Juice” said Sarah Frey, CEO of Frey Farms and Founder of Tsamma Watermelon Juice. “With the opening of the processing facility, we’re able to closely monitor the use of raw materials and ensure the watermelons used for juicing are fresh, leading to superior quality for our existing retail partnerships and new customer opportunities.”
Earlier this year, Tsamma Watermelon Juice launched a Watermelon Juice and Coconut Water blend to join its signature beverage and will continue to expand its product line.
About Frey Farms
Frey Farms is a Certified Woman Owned Business founded by Sarah Frey in 1992. Tsamma Watermelon Juice was also founded by Sarah in 2014 and is produced and bottled by Frey Farms. Today, Sarah Frey and her four brothers, operate farms and facilities strategically located in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, and West Virginia.  For more information, visit  Follow Tsamma Juice on social media on Facebook, Twitter at @TsammaJuice and on Instagram at @TsammaJuice.