Fries That Deliver On Crispy Expectations

The smell of freshly made french fries fills your car on the drive home as you anticipate getting to enjoy that first crunchy bite. You sit down at the table and bring the warm, salty goodness to your mouth only to experience the soggy fry letdown. Put simply, traditional fries are made to be eaten immediately. When they sit in a customer’s car or a delivery car for an extended period of time, they collect moisture and eventually get mushy. This isn’t just a concern for consumers — it matters greatly to operators who realize that having dissatisfied customers can negatively impact a restaurant’s hard-earned reputation. This is why there is a need for a superior product like McCain® SureCrisp® fries.  It offers restaurant owners the opportunity to have an off-premises fry that consistently shows up crispy, which two-thirds of their competitors are lacking.

“At McCain, we know that fries should stay crispy, no matter where they’re enjoyed. That’s why we make 10 different cuts of SureCrisp fries with a special batter that brings in-house crispiness all the way home,” said Chef Mark Slutzky, McCain Foods Director of Culinary. “In addition to elevating the taste and texture of delivery fries, this commitment to quality provides a complementary base for a variety of loaded menu concepts.”

The popularity of off-premises dining took off during the pandemic, and recent consumer trends indicate that delivery and takeout are here to stay. In fact, Americans currently place takeout or delivery orders once a week on average! And while fries are an undisputed favorite, consumers order them half as often due to the soggy results they’ve come to expect. This reveals a substantial unmet need that’s only becoming more apparent as the off-premises trend continues to expand. For this reason, SureCrisp fries are designed to meet the demands of consumers by offering extended hold times. They are an innovative and reliably crispy solution that elevates the delivery and takeout dining experience while driving repeat orders that result in sustainable business growth. Since its inception, McCain Foods has maintained a focus on quality and helping hard-working restaurant operators to succeed. In turn, they have earned a reputation as a trusted leader in the food industry.

“There’s a reason one in every four fries sold is a McCain fry. We’re experts in frozen potatoes, and we have been for more than 60 years,” said Faye Schoenherr, McCain Foods NA SureCrisp Lead. “We’re dedicated to offering various products and tastes that appeal to evolving consumer interests, and bringing SureCrisp fries to market has demonstrated that commitment.”

Since being introduced to the market, the product has received positive feedback from both customers and restaurant owners. Operator partners have been thrilled with their investment, which has successfully allowed them to deliver fries that maintain their crispness significantly better than any SureCrisp fries alternative. In fact, many operators have reported that they’ve received fewer complaints and negative reviews since switching to SureCrisp. This has led to an uptick in repeat orders, which bodes well for their bottom line.

The belief that everyone deserves to enjoy a crispy first bite, including off-premises customers, was the driving force behind SureCrisp fries. Developing the original recipe required time and an unwillingness to settle for anything less than the perfectly crispy, travel-friendly fry. The process involved research, development and thorough product testing in order to create a special coating that served as a barrier to sogginess.

“From waffle fries and spirals to crinkle and straight cuts, each product in the McCain SureCrisp portfolio sports a batter that holds their crispness for up to 30 minutes,” said Chef Slutzky. “They’re as easy to prepare as traditional fries, but their extended hold time ensures delivery fry orders show up as hot and crispy as they would in-house, which is bound to keep customers coming back for more.”

Fries are possibly the most adaptive ingredients in a chef’s culinary arsenal, and McCain is constantly exploring new ways to include them in dishes that feature trending flavors and ingredients. The latest trends indicate consumer demand for spicy and globally inspired dishes. That’s why Chef Slutzky and the McCain Foods culinary team have created a number of applications that incorporate everything from hot sauce and Nashville hot seasoning to pico de gallo, Shawarma-spiced chicken, tinga-style mole sauce and more.

The versatility and exceptional quality of SureCrisp fries present plenty of opportunities for creative recipe application and menu inspiration. Here are just a few examples to act as culinary inspiration.

Enchilada Street Fries — deliciously pair red enchilada sauce with a bed of SureCrisp skin-on spiral fries covered in shredded jack cheese, sliced avocado, pico de gallo and queso fresco.

Touchdown Taco Loaded Fries — SureCrisp waffle fries topped with taco meat, melted cheese, avocado, tomato, green onion, and a dollop of sour cream.

Chicken Shawarma Fries — Pair sea-salted SureCrisp classic fries with marinated and grilled Shawarma-spiced chicken. Finish with a drizzle of garlic sauce and a side of Mediterranean salsa.

SXSW Brisket Nachos — Zesty red-battered SureCrisp waffle fries sprinkled with extra smoky BBQ rub topped with baked beans, chunks of slow cooked brisket, roasted red onion, dill pickle chips, and scallion.

Thanks to SureCrisp fries, there are countless ways for operators to deliver wow-worthy menu offerings to their valued patrons. This is the start of putting an end to the dreaded soggy fry letdown.

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