Get To Know China’s Famed Tea Master Cai Rugui

Rugui’s Tea from China’s Daba Mountain Region Rich In Selenium 
Known for its Cancer-Fighting Properties


Get To Know China’s Famed Tea Master Cai RuguiWith an exclusive agreement to sell one of the rarest teas from China, Cha Gardens top tea offering features the sought-after Qinba Wu Hao, hand-picked at 2,100-2,300 meter elevation in Daba Mountain, located in the ancient province of Shaanxi near the birthplace of Chinese legend, Shennong, the legendary Emperor who discovered tea.

Get To Know China’s Famed Tea Master Cai Rugui
Tea Master Cai Rugui

Qinba Wuhao was created over 50 years ago by 蔡如桂 (Cai Rugui), who has dedicated his entire life to Chinese tea.  Known by his peers as “The King of Shaanxi Tea,” Rugui is one of China’s most notable tea masters.  Qinba Wu Hao fulfilled a lifelong dream to make the world’s purest green tea.  Now 88 years old, he still supervises production.  The tea is picked pre-Qingming and all picking is done by hand requiring 38,000 buds to make 400 grams of Qinba Wu Hao.  No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or any toxic products are ever or have ever been used in any step of production.  Instead, ladybugs are used to fight off pests.

“It’s an honor to introduce the tea and share the stories of a legend, only now being introduced in the west,” said Joe Muscaglione, CEO of Cha Gardens.  “His passion and lifelong dedication to tea are evidenced in each cup.  So far, these teas have been very well and the feedback has been stellar, “

“It was his lifelong dream to create the purest tea in China’s, “ said Muscaglione   “He has spent 50+ years creating the ancient tea of Daba Mountain, a region rich In history and well as selenium, known for its cancer fighting properties.  To date, very little of our tea has left China.” Muscaglione continued.

Earlier this year, Cha Gardens obtained an exclusive North American license to sell rare, low-yield, high-end teas from the Daba Mountain region of China.  “The extraordinarily rich flavor of these teas are also high in selenium, a proven antioxidant with medicinal qualities.  It tastes great and it’s good for you,” said Muscaglione.

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