GiftAMeal, the innovative cause-marketing program that transforms customer photos into meals for local families in need, proudly announces a monumental achievement: surpassing two million donated meals. This incredible milestone has been reached thanks to rapid adoption by quick-service, fast casual, and casual dining restaurants nationwide.

Now operational in 38 states at over 900 restaurant locations, GiftAMeal allows restaurant guests to scan a QR code and snap a photo of their food at participating restaurants. GiftAMeal then makes a restaurant-funded donation to a local food bank to help provide a meal to a family in need. To amplify the impact, guests are then invited to share their photos on their personal social media accounts, providing additional meals.

“With GiftAMeal, it’s all about creating an effortless win-win. I firmly believe in models where doing well aligns with doing good, proving that profit and purpose can coexist,” says GiftAMeal Founder & CEO Andrew Glantz. “Hitting two million meals is a testament to the power of community and the difference we can make when we come together for a common cause.”

Reaching the two million meal milestone is a profound achievement that underscores the significant impact GiftAMeal has on combating food insecurity. In an age where technology permeates every aspect of day-to-day life, leveraging it to drive purposeful change is not only innovative but essential. By transforming something as simple as a photo into a tangible act of giving, GiftAMeal harnesses the power of technology to create a direct link between consumers and community support.

The list of participating restaurants includes system-wide chains like Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken (130 locations), Groucho’s Deli (30 locations), HopCat (11 locations); franchisees of brands like TGI Fridays, Scooter’s Coffee, and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop; and independent restaurants. GiftAMeal has provided 2,000,000 meals to date, which totals over 2.4 million pounds of food across over 135 food banks in 38 states.

GiftAMeal’s impressive growth and community impact stem significantly from its positive influence on partnering businesses. By fostering a unique emotional connection between guests and a restaurant’s brand, GiftAMeal has led to notable benefits for restaurants nationwide. According to case studies, on average, guests using GiftAMeal returned 39% more frequently, spent 20% more per visit, and tipped 32% more on average. This dual impact of enhanced customer loyalty and increased revenue makes GiftAMeal an invaluable partner for restaurants, driving both social good and business success.

Pizza Factory, which has 112 locations all on GiftAMeal, has been a large contributor with over 12,500 meals already provided through the program.

“We are proud to partner with GiftAMeal and thrilled that they have reached 2 million meals donated,” says Mary Jane Riva, CEO of Pizza Factory. “This partnership makes a tremendous social impact while also supporting our business, creating the perfect win-win. Our guests and franchisees feel good about participating in a program that helps each community we serve, and this collaboration helps maintain our culture of community connection.”

“Knowing that every image we receive impacts the community directly adds so much value to our brand. It’s another layer of sustainability that ensures Groucho’s Deli stays true to our legacy and commitment to the communities where we eat, sleep, work, and play,” says Deric Rosenbaum, President, Groucho’s Deli. “Congrats to GiftAMeal on 2 million meals! Here’s to the next million to come!”

GiftAMeal’s impact for 135 Food Banks is particularly noteworthy. These partnerships offer a valuable source of incremental donations that help further each food bank’s mission to cull food scarcity. Kristen V. Wild, Executive Director of Operation Food Search, highlights this impact stating, “We are so very grateful to GiftAMeal for its innovative approach to providing more people with access to healthy food. Socially-conscious businesses like this are changing the way people approach giving, and the generous support of GiftAMeal is making an impact in our community every day.”

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