G&Juice is giving back to the front line service workers during COVID-19

G&Juice, the female-run, CBD-infused sparkling beverage collection, is pleased to announce that it has hand delivered 4500 masks to Kaiser Medical Center in Los Angeles during COVID-19. The beverage company plans to donate more masks to additional medical facilities throughout the United States. G&Juice is committed to doing their part and helping during the urgent, global fight against COVID-19.

The LA based CBD infused beverage company has stopped all production of its beverage collection and is focusing its efforts on supplying front line workers with supplies and self care support. G&Juice’s first retail production run was scheduled to take place in April 2020, but with the rapid rise of COVID-19 cases in the US, the company has shifted their plan of action. At this time, G&Juice has postponed their upcoming production run, and will be using a large portion of that capital to secure 12,000 medical masks. G&Juice will be sending the additional masks directly to local hospitals and to New York City where they are in desperate need of supplies.

G&Juice is also announcing an appreciation giveaway on Instagram donating $6000 worth of their CBD beverage to front line Essential Service Workers, the heros who continuously work to keep the world safe.

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is one of the two key compounds of the cannabis plant family. CBD is the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, which means consumers won’t have any effects like euphoria. Reported effects include: Calms anxiety, helps reduce stress, controls inflammation, Manages pain, Soothes aching muscles, and sleep management. G&Juice supports stress management, relaxation, and holistic wellness.

“We believe the mind, body, and heart must be tended to daily, especially by the front line workers in this time of crisis. We are committed to giving back to the front line heros to thank them for all the work they are doing to keep us safe during these difficult times. We all need to step up to play an important part in the global fight against COVID-19,” commented Lisa Schimnowsky, CEO at G&Juice.

About G&Juice

G&Juice is led by a team of entrepreneurial females trying to shake up the cannabinoid industry. The three founders, Genina, Lisa, and Jade separately discovered the nurturing effects of CBD and collectively turned something that improved their quality of life into a product that simply works. G&Juice has a collection of four beverages including: Coconut Vanilla, Ginger Peach, Strawberry Lemonade, and Blueberry Mojito. All equally delicious as they are bliss inducing. G&Juice truly believes the mind, body and heart must be tended to daily and offer up alternative, innovative methods to keep our physical and emotional lives intact and thriving.

For more information on G&Juice and the story behind the brand, visit www.g&juice.com or follow G&Juice on Instagram (@GandJuice), Facebook (@GandJuice) and Twitter (@GandJuice)