Gluten-Free Restaurant Celebrates Two Years in Las Vegas

Gluten-Free Restaurant Celebrates Two Years in Las Vegas

Great Grubbing offers sanctuary to those with Celiac Disease, wheat allergies

Gluten-Free Restaurant Celebrates  Two Years in Las VegasGluten-free may be the culinary catchword these days, but for many who keep a gluten-free diet, it has nothing to do with the move towards a gluten-free lifestyle and everything to do with health.

But, the birth of Henderson’s Great Grubbing restaurant — the only one in the Las Vegas Valley that is an entirely gluten-free establishment — wasn’t because of health reasons … or even to tap into the popularity of the food trend.

It happened on a dare.

“My friends dared me to cook something up, and I did,” explained owner Kenny Knoll. “It just so happened that what I prepared didn’t have gluten in it and it tasted good. Then, I made something else … and it didn’t have gluten in it, either.”

So, Knoll began to create more and more meals, all gluten-free. And thus, Great Grubbing was born by happy accident.

August marked the restaurant’s two-year anniversary and in the past two years, Knoll and his establishment have become the go-to destination not only for locals who want to eat gluten-free, but also to tourists with dietary restrictions.

“We have created a product that speaks to an entire population,” said Knoll. “For so long, there were so many traditional meals people with gluten restrictions could not eat and through experimenting, I have found out how to recreate them without gluten.”

From pizzas to breads, buns to muffins, Knoll has created a mini gluten-free empire, not only offering up his restaurant to cater to that clientele, but after partnering with a nutritionist to help package and create the needed labels, he also distributes his breads and muffins to other establishments so they, too, can offer gluten-free options.

“I used to be an actor in Los Angeles, so coming here and creating Great Grubbing just happened,” he said. “It’s been amazing to see the positive responses we have gotten from what we offer. Because Great Grubbing is the only restaurant in town that is entirely gluten-free, we receive so many stories from our customers who thank us for giving them the ability to eat out without worrying about what they are consuming.”

The restaurant not only is gluten-free, but also offers a large selection of plant-based options, desserts and more.

As for the future, Knoll plans on partnering with local celiac groups and offering a place to hold meetings, as well as plan special events for those diners who are less served in the community, including a vegan event and more.Great Grubbing gluten-free waffle

About Great Grubbing:

The only restaurant in Las Vegas which is entirely gluten-free, Great Grubbing was founded by former actor Kenny Knoll and opened in August 2014. The kid-friendly restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as coffee, protein coffees and Dragon Fire Coffee, smoothies, fresh juice and complimentary alkaline water. The restaurant creates everything in-house, including its organic bone broths, and distributes gluten-free bread, buns and protein cheese cakes and protein muffins to businesses in town. Great Grubbing is located at 2530 Saint Rose Pkwy, 89074, and delivers via Uber Eats and Bite. For more information, please visit:, call 702-982-8080, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram. The restaurant is open MondayFriday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., and  Sunday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.