Harsha Chigurupati- Founder Of Chigurupati Technologies


By Donshe Usher
Consumption of vodka, being one of my delectations. I had the pleasure of having a
conversation with Harsha Chigurupati. The founder of Chigurupati Technologies, and the inventor of NTX. I wanted to know, what set Bellion vodka with NTX apart, from the crowded arena of vodkas already on the market.  

FOR YEARS, many of the vodka brands had ridden the multiple flavor boom to double-digit growth. Some of the biggest brand names benefited from that success. Celebrities began churning out a constant stream of variants as well as promoting and endorsing brands. Each new brand of vodka came with its own eager and receptive audience.

Enter, Harsha Chigurupati.

Harsha Chigurupati- Founder Of Chigurupati Technologies
Founder Harsha Chigurupati, New York

Harsha, first started working on NTX Technology in 2006. He holds over 52 patents internationally. He is the founder of Chigurupati Technologies and the inventor of NTX.


NTX Technology is the development of Chigurupati Technologies.
A company he founded to develop new technologies that are designed to better our lives and leverage these technologies into consumer goods, to make them accessible to all mankind. If you have a safer option, and you don’t have to change how you enjoy or experience them, wouldn’t you choose that option? Flavored vodkas had a significant growth in the US market. Spirits companies introduced several hundred flavored in the US alone.
With the majority of these vodka-spirit makers focusing on flavor.

Along comes Bellion Vodka, a game changer in the spirits industry, and certainly not just another vodka. This functional vodka is created with NTX Technology. The science of making this popular beverage liver and DNA safe.

Harsha Chigurupati- Founder Of Chigurupati TechnologiesNTX Technology is a patented blend of natural, FDA approved ingredients (Glycyrrhizin -Licorice Root Extract, Manna Sugar, and Potassium Sorbate). When infused into alcohol, this vodka was developed to be health conscious. Actually protecting the liver and DNA, With no change to familiar taste or effect.

Ten years and over forty million dollars to develop NTX Technology. is made specifically to be infused into alcoholic beverages during the manufacturing process, rather than as supplement or add-on. Chigurupati Technologies introduced NTX Technology to the market in 2016, through a partnership with Bellion Spirits – an American company based in New Jersey. Bellion Spirits creates spirits infused with NTX Technology. A new category of spirits called Functional Spirits.

Harsha Chigurupati- Founder Of Chigurupati TechnologiesThe First to Market – Bellion Specialty Vodka created with NTX Technology.
The Vodka is Gluten Free, six times distilled and carbon filtered.
The tasting profile is slightly sweet due to the licorice root extract),
Smooth and silky.
There is no burn.
Bellion is made in America.

Bellion is now available in over 22 states and will be nationally distributed by the end of May 2017.

Additionally, Bellion Spirits will be introducing 16 additional Functional Spirits created with NTX Technology When Bellion was launched in 2016, there was pushback from the TTB on what could be said about the benefits of NTX Technology. Thier claimed was that; “There was not enough fact behind the health benefits.” And tried to restrain any health claims that were being said about the technology.

Chigurupati Technologies Bellion Spirits conducted extensive studies and research. As a result, filed the first ever in history Health Petition with the TTB, requesting permission to state the benefits of NTX. The TTB has requested for three extensions on their decision since the claim was filed.

We are should be hearing shortly regarding their response. Rather than saturating or expanding the market with additional flavors, Bellion with NTX Technology could see a bigger slice of the vodka market with its emphasis on its health properties. Hence the company will continue to shift its focus to driving growth in its core value, providing a healthier approach to the adult beverage market.  Not only will Bellion Vodka with NTX Technology become a more viable product,
you’ll actually begin to enjoy it more.