Healthier Fare for when the Relatives Come to Visit

MacKnight Food Group Showcases Heart Healthy Products

Healthier Fare for when the Relatives Come to VisitMany people are accepting that Thanksgiving Day will be an unhealthy day filled with mashed potatoes and gravy, pies, dinner rolls and all of the additional fixings. But what about the days surrounding the holiday? Instead of carbo-loading before and after Thanksgiving, introduce some healthy alternatives to the table.

MacKnight Food Group offers an array of heart healthy salmon products for easy entertaining. The salmon burgers are ideal for a hearty meal that is loaded with healthy omega 3s. And at only 160 calories per patty and 22 grams of protein people won’t feel guilty. In addition, MacKnight produces delicious salmon bacon that is perfect for topping salmon burgers or adding to the breakfast spread for some options outside of the norm.

Healthier Fare for when the Relatives Come to Visit“From salmon burgers topped with salmon bacon to perfectly smoked sliced salmon, there is a heart healthy option for even the pickiest of holiday guests,” says Ian MacKnight of MacKnight Food Group. “The salmon items can easily be worked into any diet to undo the damage from Thanksgiving feasts.”

About MacKnight Food Group
From the small beginnings in the Scottish Border Country over 25 years ago to the MacKnight Food Group of today, Jonathan S. Brown, the Founder and CEO, has maintained the policy of using only the highest quality Atlantic Salmon from the cold clean waters of Scotland and Norway. MacKnight’s Premium Smoked Salmon has been named “Connoisseur’s Choice” and was voted as the #1 smoked salmon by Food & Wine Magazine. Other MacKnight products have also been awarded prestigious recognition in both Europe and the USA. The line of MacKnight products will be carried by select retailers, with popular items such as salmon bacon, hickory smoked salmon and, of course, the finest of Scottish smoked salmon. Wal-Mart will stock the salmon burgers in August 2013. For more information visit us on Facebook at “MacKnight” or