Healthy Food Story Idea – Short Feature with Photos on Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont Quark

Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont Quark – Bringing a European Favorite to America

Healthy Food Story Idea – Short Feature with Photos on Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont QuarkThere is a growing trend in America toward clean eating; consuming food in its most natural form as part of a broader healthy lifestyle. While drinking water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables are clearly part of a clean eating lifestyle, also gaining attention are fresh, high protein, low fat, low sugar and low salt dairy products that satisfy cravings and support long-term healthy eating. One such product now gaining a following here in America, but a staple of European diets for centuries, is Quark. The spoonable fresh curd cheese with the quirky name, (i.e., the German word for curd), is being compared to Greek yogurt and winning the nutritional face-off. If Jersey Girls Dairy Farm, a small, sustainable farm located in Chester, Vermont, has its way, Americans will grab one of its Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont Quark products instead of another yogurt and for all the right reasons. Food industry observers are paying close attention, some predicting that products like Jersey Girls Vermont Quark will soon become the darling of the dairy aisle.Healthy Food Story Idea – Short Feature with Photos on Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont Quark

At Jersey Girls Dairy Farm, farmer Lisa Kaiman offers nothing but natural, 100% Animal Welfare Approved (AWA, Certified Humane meat, eggs and dairy products. Her Vermont Quark is a natural extension of a broader philosophy that, “What we eat should always be the best.” To assure the best quality, Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont Quark is made in small batches from the Pasteurized skimmed milk of healthy Jersey cows, along with salt, cultures and vegetable rennet, and is hand-packed. It is currently being sold online, at the Jersey Girls Dairy on farm store in Chester, and at area farmers markets and grocers. The non-flavored quark is available in an 8 oz. size, 2 lb. size, and 5 lb. size. Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont Quark is also offered in Sweet Spreadables and Savory Spreadables, provided in 8 oz. sizes, as well as in multiple pack sizes for retail or restaurant use, including the 8 oz. 12 pack, 1 lb. 6 pack and 2 lb. or 5 lb. Chef Packs. The Sweet Spreadables are offered in three flavors: Caramelized Onion and Chive, Local Blueberry Jam, and Honey and Cracked Black Pepper. The Savory Spreadables also are offered in three flavors: Bacon and Horseradish, Fresh Herb Blend, and Local Smoked Trout. There are also Seasonal Varieties. The ingredients in the flavored Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont Quarks are pure and locally-sourced where possible.

“Quark vs. Greek Yogurt”

First there was yogurt and then Greek yogurt came alone boasting a better nutritional value. Unlike regular yogurt, in Greek yogurt, the extra whey is strained resulting in its thicker consistency and higher protein content. If you compare a plain Greek yogurt to a plain regular yogurt, both provide healthy probiotics and calcium, but the Greek yogurt will typically have a higher protein and lower sugar content. Quark, however, generally offers a higher nutritional profile than both yogurts.

When compared with most Greek and regular yogurts, Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont Quark contains more protein, is low fat, low salt and low sugar. This comparison also extends to other popular dairy products for which Quark can be an alternative such as cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream and ricotta cheese. Of course, there are many new low fat, low sodium, high protein varieties of Greek and regular yogurt, as well as other dairy products, but toe to toe, plain to plain, Quark offers a very solid nutritional profile. As for its taste, plain Quark has a much milder, tangy and creamier taste than plain yogurt, which has a tangy but more acidic taste.

“Quark: The Versatile Dairy Product”

Another reason why Quark has been so popular in Europe is its versatility. It can be used at virtually every meal, for snacking and in the cooking and baking of a wide variety of products. Its healthy profile also helps contribute to healthier menus.  Quark on a morning bagel or toast works just as well as cream cheese, except that it’s higher in protein and lower in fat.  It can be used in place of sour cream for baked potatoes or quesadillas, instead of ricotta cheese in lasagna or other favorite Italian stuffed pasta dishes, and as an alternative to cream cheese in cheesecakes and other baked goods. When mixed into scrambled eggs right off the heat, the flavored Quarks can raise this humble dish’s flavor profile to a whole new level. Additionally, Quarks makes tasty dips, gravies, soups, creamy Risotto, smoothies and popsicles. Basically, it can be used in an infinite number of recipes many of which can be found online at websites such as Pinterest,,, and other culinary sites.

“Cheese Product Snacking Driving Sales Growth in the Cheese Category”

According to the predictions of the global research firm, Mintel (Chicago, Illinois), cheese category sales are expected to increase an additional 24% from 2014 through 2019 when they are expected to reach $26.5 billion. One reason why is the growing trend in America whereby snacking is overtaking standard meals, and the choice by over a third of consumers is to snack on cheese products based on Mintel’s research. Further, in its “Yogurt and Yogurt Drinks, U.S., August 2015” report, Mintel also projects growth in spoonable and drinkable yogurt segments through 2020. While Quark is not yogurt, it is likely to benefit from this trend, as well as Mintel’s projection that, while Americans will remain interested in Greek-style products, other yogurts will gain the spotlight.  Research from The Hartman Group (Bellevue, Washington) found a particular interest in products reflecting clean and beneficial ingredients, backed by a company that tells its story.

For dairy farmer Lisa Kaiman, the story behind Jersey Girls Dairy Vermont Quark, a product of her humane, sustainable farming practices and “Dairy Done Right” clean eating philosophy, is a story she is glad to share. She is also lending her environmentally-sound, humane and no waste philosophy in the production of other innovative dairy products such as “The Cooler Whey Le “Moo” nade – a cool lemonade beverage and Ar “Moo” d Palmer ½ iced tea and lemonade beverage, both packed with whey protein

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