HEINEKEN USA Launches Passion For Beer Website

HEINEKEN USA today announced the launch of Passion4Beer.com  a website designed to be a resource for on-premise beverage professionals on HEINEKEN USA’s portfolio of premium brands offered on draught including Heineken® Lager, Heineken Light, Dos Equis® Lager, Dos Equis Ambar, Amstel® Light, Amstel Wheat, Newcastle® Brown Ale and the Newcastle Limited Editions. Brand stories, product information and food and beer pairings highlight the portfolio’s wide range of styles and varieties from around the globe

The proprietary new Passion for Beer (P4B) site is designed to awaken the “magic of beer” by presenting core topics including:  beer ingredients, the brewing process, tasting and pouring methods, and the history of beer in a unique and fun way.  P4B delves into the world of draught, including freshness standards, the “perfect pour” and on-premise draught best practices.

Visitors to the site can also stay up to date with the latest news and events from HEINEKEN USA, and are introduced to TAXI MAGIC, a mobile app that allows users to book, track and pay for a taxi, all at the touch of a button through their smartphone.

“Creating the best imaginable beer experience is our obsession and our greatest pleasure is bringing adults together to experience the magic of beer responsibly,” said Patrick Libonate, Director of On-Premise & Draught Strategy for HEINEKEN USA. “With this site, our goal is to provide our on-premise partners with the information and tools they need to ignite the Passion for Beer in their customers by telling the story of quality and ingredients through a refreshing pint of HEINEKEN USA brands, poured and served to perfection.”

Find your passion at http://www.passion4beer.com/