HEINEKEN’S HOLIDAY PROGRAM INVITES CONSUMERS TO “CELEBRATE TOGETHER”HEINEKEN USA, the nation’s leading upscale beer importer, today announced this year’s “Celebrate Together” holiday program scheduled to hit retail outlets beginning November 1st. At the center of the program, celebratory limited edition bottle labels and promotional packaging on Heineken Lager 12 packs will be available to enhance adult consumer’s (21 and older) holiday experience and drive repeat visits to retail outlets throughout November and December.

Four different limited edition bottles celebrate Heineken milestones including designs that represent the brand’s beginnings, its global presence and its ongoing commitment to innovation. Each holiday-themed 12 pack of limited edition bottles also features an in-pack code that earns consumers the chance to instantly win a $50 Holiday reward gift card.

“Upscale beer drives category growth during the holiday period,” said Belen Pamukoff, Heineken Brand Director, HEINEKEN USA. “In fact, this period includes two of the three biggest volume weeks for upscale beer, representing more than $350MM in revenue . Heineken 12 packs generate 10% lift with feature and 44% increase in volume during the holidays making Heineken the best upscale brand to promote during this critical selling season.”


In addition to Heineken’s promotional packaging, channel relevant cross merchandising IRC (instant redeemable coupon) and MIR (mail in rebate) offers (where legal) will be available on items including ham, turkey, gift cards and Korbel®, the #1 selling sparkling wine in the U.S. “During the holiday period, Heineken drinkers are more likely than mainstream beer consumers to purchase Korbel,” added Pamukoff. “Heineken and Korbel co-displayed are the perfect “Celebrate Together’ program partners.” Engaging custom designed display pieces and POS elements will be available for retailers to decorate their stores and encourage shoppers to purchase Heineken and other celebration related items.

Finally, targeted promotional media investment including national TV, digital, out-of-home and radio will peak consumer interest and drive traffic to retail stores. Pamukoff concluded, “We have all the elements and support in place this holiday season to enhance consumer’s celebrations and increase sales of higher margin Heineken Lager for our retail partners.”

For more information please visit www.heineken.com