Help Energy Launches Liquid Help, an Energy Drink that Pays it Forward

Liquid Help was formulated by a doctor and nationally certified personal trainer

Help Energy is proud to announce the release of Liquid Help, an energy drink formulated by Dr. Sean Kaptaine to help when your body and mind are low.

Liquid Help is carbonated and contains no sugar or calories with a moderate amount of caffeine. Liquid Help is currently available in two flavors: Pucker Up, with a tangy sour lemon taste; and Shake That Frooty, a unique mixture of guava, pineapple and mango.

Help Energy has quality caffeine and premium flavors making it natural with a healthier and higher efficacy providing energy when tired.

Dr. Kaptaine, the owner of Help Energy, said, “Caffeine has many benefits. It can help avoid the risk of neurological decline associated with aging. Plant-based caffeine can decrease inflammation and lower the risk for chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Caffeine is also the secret to happiness, inhibiting depression, increasing adrenalin and making you feel happier.”

Kaptaine is a medical school graduate and National Personal Training Certified (NFPT). Kaptaine went from struggling as a young child with a single mother participating in sports and martial arts to living on the streets. He dropped out of high school, but with his mother’s encouragement, he earned his GED at 27, graduated from the firefighter academy at 28, and graduated from EMT paramedic school. He worked full time as a paramedic while earning a his masters in neuroscience and a medical degree.

Instead of going into a residency program, Kaptaine decided to go into business, working with doctors in other companies. He formed Help Energy to assist the beverage industry through his medical and nutritional knowledge. Kaptaine helps people understand the human body and likes to educate people to take the initiative in their state of energy.

Kaptaine said, “I was taught and inspired to make a real, palpable difference in the world with charitable contributions to local pediatric ICU departments, autistic academies, and children’s hospitals. Sometimes, mothers or fathers call into my companies and ask me to help their child with a fun event. I own kids’ costume entertainment companies all over the country. I have done countless charitable events for children.”

Help Energy offers a charity discount to help pay it forward for those who carry a Liquid Help drink into a charitable event.

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