(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The company has contributed to food security in Honduras by assuring dairy and beverage supply to its consumers and by delivering 1,456,941 food parcels in the months of March, April and May 2020, supporting 20 communities and reaching more than 60,000 families, including their employees.

In the wake of  the pandemic that has affected the world and aligned with its corporate values, LACTHOSA, a leading company in Honduras and Central America in the production and distribution of milk, juices and beverages, undertook a series of actions in order to sustain its operations, and at the same time, support national efforts to contain the epidemic in Honduras. The actions of this exemplary company were to provide medical and biosecurity equipment to hospitals and front-line personnel, guarantee food security in the low-income centers that it has always supported, maintain resilience in communities of influence and job stability of their more than 3,000 employees.

“LACTHOSA, our dairy company, with presence in Central America, the Caribbean and the United States, has been a model of resilience by keeping its operation running in times of Covid-19, providing security to its collaborators, clients, suppliers and above all, guaranteeing a continued purchase of raw milk to dairy farmers and the production and distribution of our products so as not to interrupt the food chain in Honduras” expressed Mr. Schucri Kafie, founder of LACTHOSA.

Support to employees

The company has donated 5,770 food parcels, representing 992,440 food plates, to guarantee food security for all employees and their families. Additionally, the company has arranged transportation for all employees that meets the social distancing requirements as well as the hygiene protocols in the vehicles. Additionally, during their workday, as a token of appreciation to their commitment and hard work, they have received a meal every day at the company´s cafeteria. Every employee has received Personal Protective Gear and equipment such as body suits, face masks and shields, boots, gloves all according to the requirements and nature of their work. The company has invested over $800,000.00 to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their staff during these past months.

Support to clients

LACTHOSA through its brand SULA and CETECO has donated 15,000 personal protection masks to the grocers, heroes and strategic partners who have been working nonstop supplying local communities. To ensure food security through supermarkets and convenience centers, SULA has ensured that the supply chain is stocked and has implemented “La Ruta SULA”, an initiative that allows consumers to stock up on products through home deliveries.

Support to communities

In support to communities, it has delivered a total of 200,288 food parcels for medical personnel from five hospitals, 120,000 food baskets to the National Police; and to benefit the vulnerable population, it donated 11,000 cups of yogurt, 17,095 glasses of milk, 2,193 glasses of orange juice. In the framework of World Milk Day, in alliance with the Honduran Milk Chamber (CAHLE) and Tetra Pak, LACTHOSA donated 100,000 glasses of milk to the Honduran Food Bank, destined to benefit 70 organizations, benefiting 16,012 people in 15 municipalities of Honduras.

Additionally, LACTHOSA joined the project “Businessmen to Save Lives” in alliance with the Latin American Business Council (CEAL), to give an important donation of medical equipment that included 20 respirators, electric beds, electrocardiographs and infusion pumps to the Secretary of Health, valued at 15.8 million lempiras. “We know that in extraordinary situations like the one we are experiencing, resilience is essential, as a company we have taken actions to protect our collaborators and their families, we have had a strong projection with society and this union of efforts makes it possible for us to fight against It is a pandemic”, said Mrs. Elena Kafie, LACTHOSA representative and member of the Board of Directors.

Kafie Foundation

For its part, the Kafie Foundation founded by the entrepreneurs Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie who acts as the social arm of LACTHOSA in several projects, has also joined in providing food and important hygiene supplies and personal protection equipment  to the four main hospitals from Tegucigalpa that are in the battle line against Covid-19: El Tórax Hospital, San Felipe Hospital, Honduran Social Security Institute (IHSS) and Hospital Escuela, delivering a total of 1,000 gallons of chlorine, 400 personal protection masks, 40 gallons of antibacterial gel, 4,000 food servings including Sula, Ceteco, Quaker products and 1,000 liters of water for medical and support staff.

All actions are oriented in the firm belief that we will emerge from this pandemic together, more resilient, more committed and in solidarity.

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