How to Plan the Ultimate Sushi Party

When you want to plan a successful gathering, putting time and effort into the theme will make all the difference in the world. This creates an experience for your guests, and they’ll be honored that you invited them.

If you have friends that absolutely love sushi, planning a sushi party is a great way to bring people together in a bonding experience.

Planning the ultimate sushi night requires a little bit of research and some guidelines that you can follow with the tips below.

Plan Out Your Menu Far in Advance

Make no mistake about it — the success of your party begins and ends with the quality of sushi.

You should take your time and learn all about the art of sushi and which offerings people find most appetizing.

Some popular types of sushi that you might want to have on your menu include the California roll, spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll, sashimi, tempura rolls, nigiri, and Philadelphia rolls.

Figure out how thorough you want to get with the selections. For instance, you might put together a menu and roll your own sushi, or you could go all out with catering that includes a la carte sushi preparation from authentic chefs.

It’ll be an experience to remember regardless, but get clear on what you want and start sourcing the best food supplies. Pick up a few bottles of sake as well so that people have adult beverages to go with their sushi rolls.

Check out the menus of established spots like HIRO 88 to get some ideas.

Decorate Your Home to Fit the Theme

Go all out with decorations to create an environment fitting for a sushi night. This should come complete with Japanese style seating and the dining utensils that one would find in a sushi restaurant.

You can even add some ambient music to create a serene vibe that everyone will appreciate. It’s one thing to simply serve sushi and another thing entirely to create a sushi environment.

Going the extra mile will really help your sushi party come to life.

Put Together a Guest List and Send Out Invites

It’s just a little get-together. No biggie.

Ask yourself how many times you’ve said or heard words similar to this?

While there certainly is nothing wrong with informal kickbacks, you owe it to yourself to go all out and plan an event that feels special. The real icing on the cake comes when you send out formal invitations.

When you send out invitations, your guests will feel honored and more likely to clear their schedules for your sushi night. It’s easy to flake on an event that you just mention in passing.

Don’t be afraid to go out all out and create handcrafted invitations or to get some professional ones printed. The invitation should have each guest’s name, a slot for RSVP, and a plus one.

Set the tone for the party and it will also build anticipation.

Start Planning the Ultimate Sushi Party

So there you have it. When you follow these words of advice, you will undoubtedly throw a sushi party for the ages. This is great not just for the sushi lover in you, but it also builds you serious social equity and can create some memories with people you love.

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