How to Prepare a Gluten-Free Lunchbox for Your Kids

The sandwich: a perfect lunch item for kids of all ages. Whether it’s turkey, ham, peanut butter and jelly or bologna,a sandwich is a healthy, affordable and easy option for moms on the go. However, as more and more children are diagnosed with gluten allergies, parents are continuously searching for delicious gluten-free alternatives and new snacks to replace a gluten heavy lunch box. Pastry Chef and founder of Lia P Gluten Free, Diane Eenigenburg, offers her insights and advice for packing gluten-free friendly lunchboxesfor your little ones.

“As the number of children with gluten allergies rise, so does the pressure on manufacturing companies to produce gluten-free products,” says Eenigenburg. “Luckily, many local grocery stores and bakeries are now carrying specialty lines with a variety of gluten-free foods, including gluten-free breads.”

Made from soy, rice, corn or bean starches, gluten-free breads are a tasty alternative and allow you to deliver your child’s favorite sandwich each and every day. The Lia P Gluten Free line offers a variety of gluten-free breads, pizza crusts, cookies and additional products to help make a gluten-free lifestyle easy. In addition to gluten-free substitutes, Eenigenburg suggests filling lunchboxes with fruits, vegetables, meats, beans and yogurts.

“With a gluten intolerance myself, I worked diligently to create gluten-free substitutes that taste great so I could still enjoy my favorite foods,” continues Eenigenburg. “While parents of gluten-free children face obstacles with the everyday lunchbox, there is no need to stress. Creating a fun and flavorful gluten-free lunchbox is manageable and easy!”