How to Prolong the Life of Your Air Fryer

How to Prolong the Life of Your Air FryerAir Fryer device is a rather useful tool if you understand it’s potential. It can help you cook certain food while cutting the oil. However, most people hinder their device useless because they don’t know how to handle an air fryer. With that said, following, we are giving you important tips to prolong the life span of your air fryer:

Preheat the Device (Most of Times)
It’s an excellent practice to preheat your cooking device or vessel. Most brands specify you better preheat the device to assure you don’t have trouble cooking. It promises even cooking. Most people do it sometime but forget, in some cases, nonetheless, their food always comes out delicious. Preheating your device makes sure the food is cooked evenly, timely while prolonging the life span of your device. This is not a demanding task, turn on your device with desired temperate and run it for 5 minutes before you put the food in.

Use Oil
It might sound odd to use oil with your air fryer, but you can’t cook properly without it. There are many Emeril air fryer recipes that demand a few tablespoons of oil. Using oil helps to crisp some foods, but some foods don’t necessarily require. If your food has already some fat, like chicken, dark meat, fatty cuts, ground beef, etc. If this is the case, you don’t need to use oil.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Air Fryer

Still, you need to use oil on vegetables and battered seafood. It helps to grease the air fryer basket. Even if your food doesn’t require oil, you still need to grease the air fryer basket. You can grease by rubbing or spraying a bit of oil to make sure your food doesn’t stick.

Avoid Aerosol Spray 
Aerosol spray can lead to chipping in the air fryer basket. These can are made with harsh agents who don’t mesh with coating on the basket. So, you better get a good oil mister. Try to use a spray bottle if possible.

Never Overcrowd the Basket
If you want your air fryer to last long, you better not overcrowd the basket. To make sure the food turns out crispy, you better avoid overcrowding the basket. Putting too much food in the basket will keep it from cooking properly. Yes, you won’t get crispy food. You can cook your food in batches, or you can invest in a bigger air fryer.

Shake the Basket While Cooking
When air frying fries, wings, or some other small items, you might want to shake the basket a few minutes to make sure it cooks properly. You can use silicone kitchen tongs to flip some large items instead of shaking. Once you open the basket to shake, the fryer will pause, but it will resume cooking on same temperate once you return the basket.

Water or Bread in Bottom Keeps White Smoke from Builder Up
If you cook greasy food in the air fryer, you should not be surprised to see some white smoke coming up. You can easily solve this issue if you use water in the bottom of the basket. It will stop the food, and your food will continue to cook properly. You can also place a slice of bread in the bottom of the unit to soak up any previous grease when prepping items which may leave a lot of grease behind.

Small Light Items
Every air fryer units feature a fan on top of it. It makes some lighter with times to get swept up in the fan, which can be dangerous. Even cooking ends can end up in a disaster. Just don’t turn up the heat to make sure your food cooks quickly; it will leave you with uneven cooked or burnt food.